Ain’t It Cool Reviews Abyss #1

Ain’t It Cool News reviewed Abyss #1 and gave it a solid ‘thumbs up’!

abyss001_cover1frontv2.jpgThis was a nice, straight-up super hero yarn that doesn’t take itself too seriously yet uses superhero clichés as springboards for a more modern and interesting take on the genre. It starts out with a normal kid named Eric who finds out his long-thought-dead father is a super villain and isn’t too comfortable with that. I liked the conflict between father and son in this one where the main character’s morals are tested against his familial ties. The art is pretty sharp too. Nice action scenes. Cool robot and costume designs. From story to art to premise, this is one well put together comic book and it hits the shelves next week. – Ambush Bug

Check out the full review here!

2 Responses to “Ain’t It Cool Reviews Abyss #1”

  1. Scott Says:

    Why is the cover for #1 not the same as the Superman #75 homage cover that was solicited months ago?
    Also, when is Neozoic going to be in stores?

  2. axl99 Says:

    Oct 24 I hear :D

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