Robo #5 – Diamond’s Staff Pick!

Diamond Previews has chosen Atomic Robo #5 as one of their Staff Picks:

New publisher, Red 5 Comics, arrives on shelves with a bang (or rather a mushroom cloud) with their first mini-series Atomic Robo! ar-05.jpg

Set during the beginning of World War II, Atomic Robo is a patriot hero-for-hire, fighting for truth, freedom, and the hope that he may just be able to “buy” himself legal citizenship as a human. Part Indiana Jones, part Captain America, this book promises action, gunplay, and the kind of lovable, robotic star you haven’t seen since Scud: The Disposable Assassin. Sure, the world survived WWII, but who do you think made it happen? Fads come and go, but robots are always in-style!

Atomic Robo, may just be the most fun you can read for 295 cents!

Atomic Robo #5 hits stores in February and can now be pre-ordered from Diamond with the code DEC073863. Tell your Local Comic Shop to order it today!

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