Midknight Run – Hodges Interview

Our friends at Comic Bulletin took some time to grill Midknight co-creator, Tom Hodges, about the series with issue #2 hitting shelves on January 30. Here’s an excerpt…

CM: Just for the readers that don’t know, moving along from what? This character’s been through some ups and downs, correct?

Midknight 2 coverTH: Yes. David’s whole becoming MidKnight will be told in a future issue. I prefer not to give too much away, but it has a lot to do with a very violent act. I mean whose origin as a hero doesn’t start with someone’s life being touched by violence? Batman, Spider-Man…it’s not an original tale, it just happens to be told differently. I’ve been playing with MidKnight (which later became Devilknight and then back to MidKnight) for the past 12-plus years. The origin was always the same. I’d love to give more then that, but I mean, honestly, if I give away the whole story, why would someone want to buy it?

Click here for the full article.

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