Neozoic’s Jessie Lam Interviewed

Suite101.Com has interviewed Neozoic colorist Jessie Lam! Here’s a brief sample of the Q&A:

Lam got started in the animation industry shortly after graduating high school. She was attending a comic convention, and showed her portfolio to representatives at the Sunscript Studios booth.

This got her foot in the door to doing backgrounds for the Swordsmen animation project Sunscript.

Then, during a later project, Lam colored six pages solo, leading to her promotion as lead colorist.

Despite the increase in her workload, Lam responded to this promotion saying “even if it burns me out completely, I’m masochist enough to say ‘MORE! MORE!!! Sure I’ve worked on a Nike project, and a Microsoft project, and heck, I even achieved my dream of working in comics. They’re great highlights in a resume but nothing beats the feeling of being accepted onto a team of talented individuals and growing alongside them.”

Eventually, the tight-knit relationship she established with her workmates at Sunscripts helped her gain the job at Red 5 Comics, when J. Korim, an artist she worked with on the production of a never released comic Rotogin, recommended her as the colorist of Neozoic.

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