Nick Schley Falls into The Abyss

While the re-uniting of Star Wars: Tag and Bink creators Kevin Rubio and Lucas Marangon should be enough of a team to make any fan of sharp wit and clever action jump for joy… every team has room on it to add an extra all-star.

We’re proud to announce that Nick Schley has joined Red 5’s The Abyss to add his inking talents to Marangon’s pencils.

Throughout his time within the comics industry, Schley has worked on some of the industries most notable properties. He’s written for 10thMuse, OutlawScorn:3030Ad, and Power of the Valkyrie. He has also provided inkwork for such indie properties as Judogirl, Legend of Isis, Starship Troopers, 10thMuse, and OutlawScorn:3030AD.

Schely is best known to me, however, as the genius creator, writer and inker of Markosia’s 2005 smash hit, Abiding Perdition. It’s pretty much impossible to find any more, but if you ever see a copy, grab it and enjoy the ride.

Welcome to the Red 5 team, Nick!

One Response to “Nick Schley Falls into The Abyss

  1. Jazan Wild Says:

    Nick is an amazing talent! Abiding Perdition was a monster hit for Markosia and AP Comics. I remember being over in London and seeing Abiding Perdition everywhere. Nick deserves a ton of respect. He has it from me. Just an awesome dude! Jazan Wild

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