Ain’t It Cool Reviews Atomic Robo

Ain’t It Cool News gave a positivie review of Atomic Robo: Dogs of Wars #1! Check it out:

When the first ATOMIC ROBO miniseries came out, I spent weeks kicking myself over not having ordered it upon first sight. It’s like my brain completely blanked on what it was being presented with. A book about a kick-@$$, super-intelligent robot created by none other than Nikola Tesla himself? Sign me right the ^&%# up! …..And like I’d hoped, those six issues (well, five for me because I’m still missing issue #1 because I’m a terrible person) panned out extremely well. The character of Robo was immediately engaging, almost in a Hellboy kind of way but on the reverse, changing out the mostly supernatural for science fiction-y goodness. Now the second installment of ATOMIC ROBO books has made it’s way to the stands and, really, I guess I’m just here to reiterate what an enjoyable book this is.

Visit the link above! (Be aware the review does contain language.)

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  1. Domenic Viscounte Says:

    “Every comic company has an iconic hero. DC Comics has Superman, Marvel Comics has Spiderman, Dark Horse Comics has Hellboy, Image Comics has Invincible and Red 5 Comics has… ATOMIC ROBO!”

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