A Red 5 Taste of Italy

The Italian edition of Abyss has debuted this past weekend at the Mantova Comics & Games 2009 show, in the picturesque city of Mantova.

“There’s definitely a good vibe at this show, and a lot of people came asking curiously about our new American titles,” said ReNoir Art Director and mastermind Giovanni Ferrario. “Abyss has raised more than one eyebrow, and we plan to push the book like it deserves: it’s one of our favorite titles of 2009!”

ReNoir recently put Atomic Robo on the cover of their 2009 preview catalogue, and the buzz is starting to become audible. “Robo is our biggest bet of the year,” said Foreign Rights and Licensing manager Michele Foschini. “We haven’t been so excited about an imported title in a long time, and we’re going to tease and hint at what’s going on in the book until its release in late April. We’re sure it’s going to snowball from there.”



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