Comic Book Bin covers Drone

Comic Book Bin interviewed, well, me about our upcoming title Drone which will be previewed in the FCBD issue Atomic Robo and Friends which comes out May 2nd in comic shops everywhere:

CBB: Was it hard to come up with a robot story/design that didn’t look like any previous material, especially since Red 5 Comics is already publishing Atomic Robo?

Scott Chitwood: It was hard to come up with ANY robot design that was unique, much less avoiding something similar to Atomic Robo. Once we figured out the size of the drone and a few features required for the story, it came together well. Jesse McGibney started out by doing five or six different robot designs, then I picked and chose the parts I liked. We assembled a version that was tweaked into the final design. It was hard to avoid it looking like a Terminator or a Transformer or something from Star Wars. We thought it looked similar to the Honda robot on steroids, so that helped give the real world effect we were looking for. That led us to taking real world robots and retooling them, and that took them further and further away from the fanciful look of Robo.

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  1. Alton Says:

    Finally finished Drone 3 and 4 and thought it was a really great mini arc.Any reason why the release schedule got pushed back so far? At least two months if my math is right.How come it didn’t get featured on the home page along with Atomic Robo?Any chance of Drone meeting Robocop? Just kidding,guys!

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