Read Red 5’s Free Comic Book Day 2009

We trust that you found your way to your favorite comic book shop on Saturday for Free Comic Book Day and that you had a great time and picked up some free comics… including “Atomic Robo and Friends” from Red 5 Comics.

If you weren’t able to pick up a copy, we’re pleased to provide the full comic here for your reading enjoyment.

8 Responses to “Read Red 5’s Free Comic Book Day 2009”

  1. Free Comic Book Day Atomic Robo…for FREE!!!!! - Ideology of Madness Says:

    [...] made me a happy geek, because they have put up the entire FCBD Atomic Robo and Friends on their website!  If you, like me, were unable to get your hands on a copy, or just want to know what the hell [...]

  2. Chris Noeth Says:

    This is awesome!

    Best wishes,


  3. Dave Ex Machina - A Thousand Points of Articulation » Presenting: Echo in, “Bite My Shiny Metal…” Says:

    [...] Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time #4 is on page 278. If you missed the Atomic Robo book on Free Comic Book Day, you can read it online here! [...]

  4. Free Comic Book Day Reviews: 2009 « BW Media Spotlight Says:

    [...] the opportunity to look it over myself, but at least one of the comics I missed to the higher tier, Atomic Robo has been put up online by Red 5, the folks who made the comic. It’s still not the same as [...]

  5. Jason Louis Says:

    A HUGE thank you for putting up the FCBD of Atomic Robo on your website.
    My wife and I missed out on FCBD this year as our nearest comic shop did not take part in it and we were sad at missing out on reading some of our favourite titles. Fantastic story as always guys.
    You have made two british comic geeks very happy!
    all the best,

    Jason & Candy Louis

  6. We Kill Monsters #1 Review « comicbookjesus Says:

    [...] Comic Book Day offering, but if you didn’t pick it up – fear not! It’s available here, and it’s still [...]

  7. Kimmie Says:

    Thank you so much for putting this online! Awesome stories! :)

  8. 5 Comic Book Characters Begging to Become Action Figures | Field-Tested Fun Says:

    [...] intelligence, lots of guns and a bad attitude toward mammals? Atomic Robo may hate Dr. Dinosaur (find out why here) but I’d love to add him to my [...]

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