CBR features Drone

Comic Book Resources has an article featuring Red 5’s upcoming title Drone:

Though there are several models of drones, Chitwood said the U.S.A. is the undisputed superpower in robot warfare in this miniseries. β€œIn this story the United States has essentially won the ‘Space Race’ of drone development. They are the first that have ones that could actually work well in battle. In issue #2 we’re introduced to the Gun Hounds. These robots are essentially the Big Dog robot with a large gun on its back. The thing is scary and hilarious at the same time and I could really see these things on a battlefield one day – but the Gun Hounds are actually a failed iteration of the development process. China and Russia are in catch-up mode. And since we always hear stories about Chinese spies sending secrets back overseas, that’s a major factor here. Why spend years in development when you can simply steal a working design? So that’s at the center of the conflict in this story. The Chinese are helping local rebels capture a group of drones so they can pull one apart and figure out how the critical components tick. That being said, the grand finale does feature US drones battling captured drones in a knock-down drag-out fight.”

Visit the link above for more! This title is availible now for order in Diamond’s Previews magazine. Ask your local comic shop to order it for you!

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  1. Alton Says:

    Chitwood has a hit on his hands but I hope RED5 waits until a second arc comes out(hint hint) before it gets collected.The pricing on RED5 trades are a little steep at 18.95 for five issues of ATOMIC ROBO.This is the only way I collect that title which is a favorite of mine.If we are looking at a price range close to twenty bucks we might as well get 8 issues worth.DRONE is the first RED5 title I have actually followed in comic form and I am not disappointed by the storyline/artwork or overall printing quality by any means.I was curious to see what others may have thought but I didn’t understand the tecno babbel about RSS 2.0 and trackbacks so good luck with this and future projects.

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