Reviews for Abyss: Family Issues Coming In

Reviews for Abyss: Family Issues #1 are coming in and we’re happy to say that the reaction is quite positive!

The Pullbox shows their excellent taste in comics with their review:

Abyss remains a great all-ages book that is perfect for those who want to dip their toes in the sequential graphic art we call comic books. Especially is their looking for something outside of the Marvel and DC universes.

Comics Bulletin actually reviewed the issue twice!

It’s been too long since I’ve seen the gears in Kevin Rubio’s mind turn. I haven’t looked forward to another comic more than Abyss. The first mini-series was special to me, not just because it introduced me to the fine people running Red 5 Comics, not just because I am a fan of Rubio’s work, and definitely not because this is a super-long, run-on sentence.

Abyss reminded me of the fun we should have reading comic books.

Dorkshelf.Com gave a much deserved shout out to our talented artist Alfonso Ruiz and colorist Garry Henderson:

Alfonso Ruiz nails the art in the book; his illustration technique is a blend of traditional American style with Japanese manga influences. The panels feel energetic and fast moving, and this keeps you reading easily, even during the dialogue heavy, character development pages mid-way through the issue. Special kudos to colourist Garry Henderson, whose work nicely enhances Ruiz’s style, with hot, smooth colours that offset Abyss’ dark costume.

……Red 5 Comics though, has a knack of producing great books and they have another hit on their hands with Abyss: Family Values.

Last but not least, Blair Butler from G4 TV’s Fresh Ink Online did a fantastic video review of Abyss 2. While Blair is friends with writer Kevin Rubio….and Kevin has been a writer for G4’s Attack of the Show….and there’s a character in Abyss that resembles Blair Butler….and is named ‘Blair Butler’….we’re sure that had NOTHING to do with the great review she gave us on the show. Nothing at all. Seriously, though, Blair would tell you if it was terrible so we’re happy that she’s happy with it. We’d hate to have to kill her off in Issue #2.


Be sure to pick up Abyss: Family Issues #2 in March!

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