Suspense and horror collide when intelligence agencies start using ghosts as spies in SPOOK

James Calley was one of the CIA’s best case officers, a veteran of countless missions who lived in the sub-world of lies and meaning which ordinary, everyday people walked past all the time and never saw. But he did and he understood it well.

Or so he thought.

That was before a standard assignment – track down an old contact, get in touch with him and find out what he knows about a spate of recent assassinations – turned into a nightmare when he discovers the CIA, the KGB and who knows how many other groups had been trying for years to figure out how to use ghosts as spies. And now someone has and he’s intent on spreading the technology, and the chaos that will inevitably go with it, as widely as possible.

Writer Joshua Starnes and artist Lisandro Estherren mix the thrills and street-level spycraft of The Bourne Identity with the ghostly terror of Poltergeist as top agent James Calley, racing across the US and Europe searching for answers, discovers the hunter is becoming the hunted.  Starnes and Estherren are joined by colorist JuanManuel Tumburus (BOOM’S RoboCop) to produce 2015’s great new thriller!  SPOOK is due on stands Wednesday, December 9.