November 2007 Red 5 Titles

For its second appearance in the Diamond Previews catalog, Red 5 Comics introduces a new title and brings the second issue of another.

Midknight #1 continues the streak of being honored as a spotlight item in the catalog, marking four in a row following Abyss #1, Atomic Robo #1 and Neozoic #1.

Since Red 5 is a brand new publisher, you’ll likely have to pre-order yours by September 16 in order to get a copy. For your convenience, you can print this form for your local comic shop, or Red 5 Comics can be ordered online from Things from Another World, Badger Comics, Perpetual Comics or Mail Order Comics.

     ATOMIC ROBO #2 (SEP073914)
ANTS! Atomic Robo is all that stands between Reno and a pack of giant 50-foot-ants, but the metal warrior can’t shake flashbacks of a World War II dogfight gone bad.

From Brian Clevinger, the creator of web-phenomenon 8-Bit Theater.

MIDKNIGHT #1 (SEP073915)
With prospering careers and a three-year-old daughter, David and Tarilyn Deville seem to be living the American dream. But instead of a life of comfort, tragic events in their past led the couple to a life of service — in the ER and District Attorney’s office by day, and on the streets of Philadelphia by night as crime-fighters MIDKNIGHT and KNIGHTINGALE. Or, at least, after bedtime.

Animation-style adventures from the mind of Star Wars fan-favorite Tom Hodges, artist for “Star Wars: Evasive Action“, “You Can Draw Star Wars” and more.

32 pages, $2.95.


Thank you in advance for your interest and support of Red 5 Comics!

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  1. Scott Wegener » Blog Archive » Back From Baltimore Says:

    [...] don’t forget to order Atomic Robo #2: Diamond order code SEPT07 3914. Red5 Pimps Our Wares –Go order Atomic Robo #2. NOW! Check out the Red5 link for easy on-line [...]

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