Red 5 is looking for talented freelance pencillers, inkers, colorists and letterers.

Your submission should include at least five (5) pages of your best sequential storytelling art, not just sketches or pin-ups. These pages should demonstrate an ability to handle a variety of scenes, technology, backgrounds and characters… ranging from quiet dialog to intense action.

Initially, we want to see your work online. If you do not have your own website, there are a number of free image hosting services like FlickrDeviantArtPhotoBucket and others. If your portfolio requires a password, be sure to note what it is.

Also note

  • Pencillers, your portfolio should show pencils-only, not inked or colored pages. Make sure the scans are of good enough quality to clearly see your work.
  • Inkers, your examples should be black-and-white and include side-by-side comparison with the original pencils.
  • Colorists, your portfolio should be based on line-art from multiple artists and show your abilities in a variety of styles.

We do not have standardized pages rates. If we want to work with you, we will discuss financials at that time. Please consider before applying that Red 5 Comics is an independent start-up, with all the advantages and disadvantages that brings.

Artist Submission Form

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