Newsarama Talks MidKnight with Hodges

With MidKnight #1 making its pre-order debut in Diamond Previews this month, Newsarama had a chat with series artist and co-creator, Tom Hodges. Here’s an excerpt…

NRAMA: What kind of a world do David and Tarilyn D’ville live in? How different is it from ours, other than the fact that there’re super-dads and super-moms roaming around in their tights and capes?

midknight1-cover1front.jpgTH: Well, they don’t have superpowers. That’s for starters. That is probably why I’ve always been infatuated with Batman. He relies on his mind and training to do what he does. Sure he has help with gadgets, as do MidKnight and Knightingale, but they aren’t invincible. They’re real. Not that a superhero with super strength won’t be showing up here or there. I have a large universe of characters developed you’ll start seeing creeping in as well as a roughs gallery of villains.

The difference between their Philadelphia and ours is the different sport team names and the officials in office. The streets will be accurate if I can manage it as will the skyline. Being from the area, I take pride in that city and don’t want to change it.

Click here to read the full interview.

In order to ensure you get a copy, pre-order MidKnight #1 this week. For your convenience, you can print this form for your local comic shop, or Red 5 Comics can be ordered online from Things from Another World, Badger Comics, Perpetual Comics or Mail Order Comics.

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