Robo Debuts This Week! (He’s everywhere.)

ATOMIC ROBO #1 will appear on-shelves this Wednesday, October 10 … the first comic available from Red 5 Comics. Be sure to grab your copy!

If you’re looking for a pre-release Robo fix, Silver Bullet Comicbooks just interviewed Robo-creators, Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener. Here’s a clip…

Atomic Robo #1 cover(MM): For those not familiar with the title, why don’t you give us a run down on what Atomic Robo is all about?

SW: OK. The five second sound bite I’ve come up with is that he [Atomic Robo] is a little Iron Giant, a little Rocketeer and a whole lot of Indiana Jones all mashed together into this five foot tall, 300 pound robot who wears pants. It’s a return to fun exploration kind of stuff. It’s more of a pre-superhero, mystery man pulp than it is super high-tech science fiction.

This month’s Wizard Magazine #193 featured a page-and-a-half spread dedicated to Robo. Should still be able to find it at your comic shop.

wizarduniverse_1971_143340740.jpg wizard_robo1.jpg

Meanwhile, more reviews come in including a great Red 5 round-up from Star Clipper Blog. Of Robo, he says, “Think Brit, Hellboy, and Nicolas Tesla all baked together into a delicious marble cake with Iron Man frosting. Yeah, that’s it exactly.”

And finally, don’t miss the all-new once-again-rebooted… the official ATOMIC ROBO blog from co-creator Brian Clevinger. Says Brian, “I’ll be talking about the ins and outs of writing and publishing a comic book, comics and the industry in general, weird technology, weirder history, story ideas, and whatever else strikes my fancy. You’ll also get all kinds of juicy behind-the-scenes goodies for ATOMIC ROBO. Concept art, gossip about how Scott’s a jerk for changing panel 4 on page 10, all that stuff. Think of the comic as a DVD and this site as its bonus features.”

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