Great Reviews for Atomic Robo and Red 5!

Atomic Robo #1 continues to get great reviews from around the web! Here are some of the latest ones we’ve found:

Major Spoilers – “There are a few limited series characters that have gone on to become big hits. I have hopes Red 5 will release even more mini-series and do the same with Atomic Robo. The freshman entry from Red 5 is a good indicator of things to come from the company, and I give Atomic Robo a solid 5 out of 5 Stars.”

ComicList.Com – Variant Edition Tuesday October 9, 2007 – Pick of the Week: Atomic Robo #1. “It’s just plain cool!”

IGN Comics – “One book we want to give a shout out to is Atomic Robo. It looks fantastic but… we can’t find it in our stores. Give it a try. It’s an independent book from publisher Red 5. Even if you don’t like it, it’s supporting the little guys, and that’s always a good thing in any industry.”

Dvandom – “Scott Wegener’s art has a sort of Mike Mignola meets Jhonen Vasquez feel to it. Strongly recommended.”

ComicPants.Com – “I’m cheating a little, because I’ve read all three of their debut issues, but I can say, even based on just reading Atomic Robo, that Red 5 Comics is going to be a company worth keeping your eye on. High production values? Check. Cool concepts? Check. Strong execution? Big check. Atomic Robo is a burst of fun superhero action, featuring a glib hero, plentiful amounts of genre weirdness and artwork that’s stylish and packs plenty of solid storytelling to boot.”

ZiggyTree – “First of all, I can’t just talk about them without praising their name. Red 5. Damn, what a choice. With bands out there with the same name, and the immortal verses of Nerf Herder, Star Wars names are in no short order and sure to be spinning through the universe of geekdom for eons to come. Either way, I think its totally awesome that they’re called Red 5. Second, it looks like they’ve got some neat books: Midnight, Abyss, Atomic Robo. They all look pretty neat.”

PopTown.Net – “I’ll be honest and say I was going to wait on the trade for this too, but I would be remiss in not picking it up after having reviewed it. And while I have the free PDF, I figure it was worth my change. I would encourage people to pick up these books coming out from Red 5; the ones I previewed were excellent fun, and I would like to see them make more.”

Warren Peace – “I think this is the first title from Red 5 Comics, a new publisher that looks to be putting out some interesting stuff. This looks pretty sweet, a “retro-future” story about, well, you can guess by the title. Nice artwork; I will probably buy the first issue if my shop gets it.”

ComicsAnd – “Red 5’s first offering is finally coming out. I have had the chance to read this book and encourage people to try it out. Also all six issues are completed already, so no when is the next issue coming out problems.”

StarClipper.Com – “As I mentioned in my next to last blog about Baltimore, the guys over at Red 5 Comics gave out a complete set of their launch line up at the Summit. I’ve had some time over the past week to sit down and read them and I must say I’m impressed. This is probably the strongest launch line-up I’ve seen in… well I don’t know when.”

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