Got Robo?

Atomic Robo #1 cover
We’re getting many reports from readers that their local comic shops have sold out of Atomic Robo #1. But there’s hope! Your shop can still re-order issues from Diamond. We still have some copies in stock and can fill re-orders. We’ll also be selling copies at the Sci-Fi Expo this weekend and Wizard World Texas next month. But if the fates don’t align and you can’t get a copy, let us know or have your local comic shop contact us and we’ll do our best to help out.

It’s looking like we will be doing a second printing of Atomic Robo #1, so if you want a first print ACT NOW!

Also, the good reviews keep coming in for Robo:

bs_about_comics – “YOU! NEED THIS! RIGHT NOW! Pulp adventure starring a robot built by Nikolai Tesla. NEED I SAY MORE.”

ComiXtreme Done In One Reviews – “Scott Wegener’s images are kinetic and just a little cartoony, matching the tone set by the story perfectly – and for an independent book, the coloring and lettering are fantastic. The book itself too has great production value to it as well, printed on quality paper with nice cover stock. If Atomic Robo is any indication of what can be expected from Red 5 Comics in the coming months, the world of comics is in for a treat. Highly recommended.”

EvilAvatar.Com – “One of the best issues I’ve read this year. Rating: A must own! (5 out of 5 EvilEyes)”

2 Responses to “Got Robo?”

  1. Cory Johnson Says:

    I’m trying to get a copy through my LCS. It’s not an easy book to find at the moment! Am I in 2nd print territory at this point? I’d love a first print, but 2nd print would be fine too. My fault for not ordering it!

  2. Jim Says:

    try silver bullet comics, last i checked they still had the first print instock.

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