Abyss #1 Strikes Tomorrow!

Abyss #1 hits comic shops tomorrow with its brand, spanking new cover. Be sure to ask your local retailer for a copy and make sure they order Issue #2 in the latest Diamond catalog!

Abyss is a superhero comedy packed with lots of laugh and lots of action. From the dude that created TROOPS, Kevin Rubio, and his Tag & Bink artist, Lucas Marangon, Abyss #1 isn’t your typical superhero tale. Think “My Name Is Earl” meets “Batman” and you have Abyss!


2 Responses to “Abyss #1 Strikes Tomorrow!”

  1. Cory Johnson Says:

    Just read issue one of Abyss. Loved it! Clever, original, great writing, great artwork. Cheers!

  2. john Says:

    I just read Abyss #1 and was thoroughly surprised! I am always on the lookout for something different where the art and the writing are better than average 9which is difficult to find outside of the big 3 publishers, sometimes even within those 3…) I’ll be buying Abyss as long as it is printed.

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