More Praise for Red 5 Titles!

The glowing reviews continue to come in for Red 5 starting lineup! Our egos continue to swell with pride. Here are a few samples!

Comic PantsNeozoic #1 – “The highlight’s an extended sequence involving a T-Rex takedown, all building to a mystery cliffhanger. Pretty good stuff for fans of fantasy-style action, anime, and lost books like BattleChasers, and the art’s absolutely a cut above.”

ComicsAnd..Midknight #1 – “The art was an adjustment for me as I grew up falling in love with Neal Adams as the ultimate super hero artist and when I read super hero titles I expect a little more realistic look. Again as the story progressed my opinion changed and the animated style really fit hand in glove for the overall feeling of the book. Now Tom Hodges has redefined square jawed hero to be “square jaw” and his wife has the pointiest chin ever created, but it works, it really works. The pacing and layouts of the book are excellent and as you read it you will occasionally get a smile as the personal interactions ring so true. Tom captures a wide range of emotions in his art and does it well.”

FromTheGutter – “I think Red 5 is off to a great start for an indie comic company. Its themes are clear: play with recognizable themes and characters, and make people laugh while telling a good story. The books all have a cartoony but very professional, cool style, but they’re not just for kids. I recommend your trying the titles out, though they might be hard to find in your comic store.”

GutterbleedAtomic Robo #1 – “I enjoyed myself while reading this book, and laughed at a few parts. It’s rare when a book can do that, and I believe this book will make a fine addition to any collection. Well, if you like humor books. But a robot punching Nazis. It’s really a can’t-miss kind of premise there.”

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