Atomic Robo #1 – Sold Out!

Thanks to all the fans out there and HUGE support from retailers, Atomic Robo #1 was a big hit! We have officially sold out of every single copy of Atomic Robo #1. We filled out several Diamond re-orders, but our back stock has been completely depleted. But never fear! A SECOND printing of Atomic Robo #1 is on the way! It is literally on a slow boat from China and should be ready for sale in about 6 weeks. And as a special bonus, we’re featuring all new cover art for the second printing. You can see it below.

We are hoping to have Diamond list this second printing, but as of now we don’t know how it will be solicited. If you’re a retailer and you’d like to be alerted when we get the second printing in, please e-mail us and we’ll put you on our contact list. Thanks again for your support!

Atomic Robo 2nd Printing Cover

7 Responses to “Atomic Robo #1 – Sold Out!”

  1. » Blog Archive » It’s Official Says:

    [...] Robo #1 has completely sold out. Not bad for a couple of newcomers working on a new title about a new character from a new [...]

  2. Scott W. Says:

    That is so cool! I’m totally taken bu surprise and also totally excited. :D

  3. Scott Wegener » Blog Archive » Jenny Everywhere & Other Madness Says:

    [...] official. Atomic Robo #1 has sold out! And not just sold out in terms of out warehouse being empty. I mean that I keep hearing from [...]

  4. euphrony Says:

    Scott, congrats! Way to go, man. So, when are you quiting your dayjob?

  5. milo Says:

    i’m from the uk and was wondering where can i get your comics from ?

    cant find any shops :(

  6. B. Clevinger Says:

    About 13 months ago.

  7. Nick Spencer Says:

    Congrats! I loved the book.

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