Some More Red 5 Lovin’

We’ve been getting a lot of positive reviews right out of the gate and we’re real happy about it! Here are a few of the highlights:


Quiet Earth – “This should be a very interesting title to watch as the creators themselves describe it as a cross between Indiana Jones and Mad max…I just hope for a little Firefly type humor to go along with the fallout as I do love me some post apocalyptic pirate humor.”


Comic Book Resources – “I have to say that the art is gorgeous and not what you typically see in a comic these days. I mean that in a good way. The paneling action oriented and dynamic, not your typical rectangles throughout the whole issue like you normally get. The coloring was cool, too, because it used an overall hue or tone in vein similar to the movie the Matrix. In short, I really enjoyed the beautiful yet different art a lot! It’s above and beyond your current manga/comic/web comic style these days if you ask me.

All in all, I enjoyed it a lot and am excited to see where this series goes. 9/10 from me.”

Illusion TV – “I’m saying it now (and deleting this post later if it turns out I’m wrong), but “Neozoic” is a book to watch right now, kids.”


Al Nickerson – “I just discovered a new and amazing comic called ATOMIC ROBO! It’s like Mike Mignola’s HELLBOY, but funnier and less Gothy. ATOMIC ROBO has Nazis, robots, and monsters. Ya can’t go wrong with Nazis, robots, and monsters.”

Amesbury Games – “Henry is picking Atomic Robo #1 AGAIN “Because it’s just THAT good!””


Poptown – “Atomic Robo #2 continues the same blend of action and humor that we got in the first issue. On top of this, we have some emotional “man out of time” content thrown in as we get to see the Atomic Robo character get developed beyond just a robot that fights monsters, but as a character with feelings.”


New Moon Comics – “This is a new publisher that have thus far produced some FANTASTIC BOOKS!”

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  1. axl99 Says:

    Here’s a little something “From the gutter” :D :

  2. axl99 Says:

    And few more Neozoic reviews for the win: – podcast!

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