Inside Looks: Atomic Robo #2 and Midknight #1

With Atomic Robo #1 sold out (but a second printing coming, don’t worry), you’ll want to be sure to visit your local comic shop next week to pick up the second issue. The following week, check out the premiere issue of Tom Hodges’ Midknight #1.

If the store near you has sold out or didn’t carry the titles, they can still order them using the Diamond product codes in red below.

To ease the wait, here’s a sneak peak at the inside of each issue…

Atomic Robo #2 (SEP073914)
November 14, 2007

ANTS! Atomic Robo is all that stands between Reno and a pack of giant 50-foot-ants, but the metal warrior can’t shake flashbacks of a World War II dogfight gone bad.

From Brian Clevinger, the creator of web-phenomenon 8-Bit Theater.

ar_issue-2_cover.jpg ar-02-print-4.jpg ar-02-print-5.jpg ar-02-print-6.jpg ar-02-print-7.jpg

Midknight #1 (SEP073915)
November 21, 2007

With prospering careers and a three-year-old daughter, David and Tarilyn Deville seem to be living the American dream. But instead of a life of comfort, tragic events in their past led the couple to a life of service — in the ER and District Attorney’s office by day, and on the streets of Philadelphia by night as crime-fighters MIDKNIGHT and KNIGHTINGALE. Or, at least, after bedtime.

Animation-style adventures from the mind of Star Wars fan-favorite Tom Hodges, artist for “Star Wars: Evasive Action“, “You Can Draw Star Wars” and more.

midknight1-cover1front.jpg 1-13c-copy.jpg 1-14c-copy.jpg 1-19c-copy.jpg 1-20c-copy.jpg

4 Responses to “Inside Looks: Atomic Robo #2 and Midknight #1

  1. Paul Says:

    Check out the review from Geeks of Doom:

    This was the kind of story I was hoping for when I heard the premise of the series. Fun action in a crazy world that could just about be our own, isn’t that what we all want from comics? If they can keep up this kind of quality and even improve further, this title will be something special. I’m now eagerly awaiting the release of issue 3

  2. Cory Johnson Says:

    I got lucky and scored a 1st print of Atomic Robo #1 at my LCS. Loved it! Looking forward to Midknight #1 and Abyss #2.

  3. » Blog Archive » “The radiation that made them big.” Says:

    [...] put up a brief review a while back while Geeks of Doom gave it a big thumbs up. Here’s a four page preview straight from Red 5 Comics so you can make up your own [...]

  4. Scott Wegener » Blog Archive » Home Insulation; Its More Fun Than You Think. Says:

    [...] Red5 also has the Robo #2 preview pages on their website. I’m told that Newsarama has a short review of #2 up –but I can’t get this link to work right now. Hope you guys have better luck with it than me. [...]

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