Korim’s Art Stops a Puck

When I was beginning to sketch out some of the first concept art for Neozoic, I was needing some quick reference of women with swords. Since I had my computer handy, I decided to do a quick search on “Kill Bill” in Google.

Kill Bill WallpaperI was looking for photos, but I saw this amazing fan art wallpaper drawn by some guy named J. Korim I quickly made it my computer’s desktop wallpaper. One thing lead to another (yadda yadda), and Korim was signed on to do Neozoic.

Fast forward to the end of January, and my son and I are watching the NHL’s “Young Stars” game on TV… just chilling, not thinking about work at all. Kari Lehtonen of the Atlanta Thrashers is in net for the East Stars, and after one particularly good save I could swear that something familiar flashed past on the screen. So, being a long time TiVo owner and addict, I immediately hit rewind on the live broadcast and then pause it.

Sure enough, that very wallpaper that lead me to Korim is painted on the mask of the young NHL goalie.

Kari Lehtonen 1 Kari Lehtonen 2 Kari Lehtonen 3

Assuming he knows all about it, I email J and ask him about it. Low and behold, it’s news to him too.

Still no word on exactly how this came to be… but very cool!

3 Responses to “Korim’s Art Stops a Puck”

  1. Bryan Sandala Says:

    I’m sure it’s an honor that the wallpaper was plastered all over a goalie’s helmet, and it’s great exposure…that is, if J Korim is getting any credit for it. Any plans to try and email Kari Lehtonen about this? Too often, goods on the Internet are viewed as up for grabs to anyone and everyone. What’s the deal with intellectual property in this case? We’ll worry about that later…awesome find!

  2. Mark Says:

    I thought I noticed this watching highlights today, i thought i was trippin’ O_o

  3. MetalFormer Says:

    I don’t know about J, but I would have felt honored to see my work used by somebody like that, granted that they didn’t used for commercial purposed without permission.

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