Interviews and Reviews for Robo and Neozoic

We got some more reviews in for some of our new and upcoming comics. Check them out!


ComicPants – “Hands down, this is a book that can be enjoyed by anyone; it’s comical, action packed and looks gorgeous. Seek this one out. You’ll be glad that you did.”


Newsarama Best Shots – “Brian Clevinger is a good, old-fashioned storyteller and I love his nods to comics, art, and film of decades gone by. Robo is like the Bruce Willis of the robot world…going into a fight armed with a laundry list of snappy one-liners. The style of the story is perfectly complemented by the art of Scott Wegener. His lines are very clean and I love how he frames his action. Great colors as well. I strongly urge that you give this book a look.”

Geeks of Doom – “This was the kind of story I was hoping for when I heard the premise of the series. Fun action in a crazy world that could just about be our own, isn’t that what we all want from comics? If they can keep up this kind of quality and even improve further, this title will be something special. I’m now eagerly awaiting the release of issue 3.”

There are also a couple of new interviews with our creators. Silver Bullet Comic Books interviewed Atomic Robo writer Brian Clevenger and artist Scott Wegener:

“Somehow, these two odd and funny gentlemen managed to find each other and put together one of the more promising indie books, Atomic Robo: A fictional history that is two parts pulp and one part science fiction. The two of them sat down to talk about the upcoming release of the book and what it took to get Robo to this point.”


Comics And… also interviewed Neozoic writer Paul Ens:

Gwen: Neozoic has a fairly interesting background story, as far as the setting being an alternate time line where dinosaurs evolved right alongside human beings. How did you come up with this alternate-Earth?

Paul: It all happened really quickly, but I was looking for a reason to have swords and dinosaurs on the same page. What really attracted me to the concept was that I thought the premises out there for having humans interact with dinos were wearing pretty thin. The plausibility always seemed forced. But the idea that the extinction event could be negated with a tiny twist of fate is relatively easy to accept. Then you just flash forward — how would the human race possibly deal with that environmental circumstance. The first few issues show the Monanti people and their solution, but as the series goes on we’ll see other societies and their solutions as well.

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