Atomic Robo – Let Me Show You It

A while back we told you that a second printing of Atomic Robo #1 was on the way. We now have the Diamond Order number for it – SEP078147. Give that number to your local comic shop and they should be able to order Atomic Robo #1 – 2nd Printing from Diamond. The comics are currently being loaded on a train in Los Angeles and making their way to Houston, TX. Once we get them, we’ll send them to Diamond for distribution. We also still have copies of Abyss #1, Neozoic #1, and Midknight #1, so your shops can re-order them, too.

Atomic Robo 2nd Printing Cover

Atomic Robo #2 hit shops this week and we’re already getting word of sellouts. We still have copies available and are filling out re-orders, so talk to your local comic shop about re-ordering it, too!

Here’s what people have to say about Atomic Robo #2 around the web:

Comics And… – “This is an enjoyable series that has an almost pulp science fiction feel to it . The intelligent robot and his continuing adventures and the best part the entire series is already produced so no late shipping. Ultimately a really fun title from Red 5 comics.”

Silver Bullet Comic Books – “I get the pleasure of reading about a very enjoyable character that walks around with a bunch of geeks while protecting the country he fought three wars for. He’s a throwback of sorts, while bringing a futuristic mentality to the table. Be on the watch for Red 5 Comics, they will be a major player very soon in the comics market.”

IGN Comics – “I can’t wrap this review without passing major praise over to Scott Wegener and Ronda Pattison (pencils and colors respectively). The two create a fantastic world for Robo, one that is energetic, lively and it perfectly sets the tone of the story. It’s often the case that comedy is ruined by odd layouts or simply mismatched talent. That is not the case here. The art is simply wonderful.”

3 Responses to “Atomic Robo – Let Me Show You It”

  1. Nick Miller Says:

    Diamond screwed my shop out of their five copies of Atomic Robo #2 and so I never got to get mine.
    I need to see the giant ants attacking Reno!

  2. Chris G Says:

    Dang. I asked the clerk if they got Atomic Robo and they didn’t order it. GRRR

  3. Hurricane Says:

    Bought #1 after reading article in Wizard, loved it. #2 was good too, how about a Telsadyne T-shirt? Or a Hellboy team up?

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