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The good reviews for the Red 5 lineup keep coming in. Here’s the latest batch:


Comics And…: “On the upside of things, Atomic Robo #2 from Red 5 Comics made me happy. It was cleverly paced and well executed on both a visual and plot level. This book and it’s main character is quickly endearing itself to me and I look forward to new issue.”

The Dissector: “Time for The Dissector’s Picks Of The Week! Best book of the week was, once again, Atomic Robo, this time with its second issue. Yes, it’s still a Hellboy homage (I want to stop using the word “rip-off”", it’s not nice), but it’s definitely one of the better books out there. Brian Clevinger writes an interesting, if simple story, which not only has great, funny dialogue (see the Quote Of The Week up there, or the Moments Of The Week at the end of this column for an example), but also touching moments that show that in a very effective way make you care for Robo. The art by Scott Wegener is cartoony, but fittingly so, and beautifully rendered, and Ronda Pattison’s colors are perfect for Wegener’s art. A good read for the whole family, I think I’m going to start reading this book to my three year old son.”

Newsarama – Things We’re Thankful For:

1. The Black Dossier
2. Bully!
3. The Complete Peanuts
4. The Perry Bible Fellowship
5. Josh Fruhlinger’s Comics Curmudgeon
6. Brubaker’s Captain America
7. Quiet! Panelologists At Work’s inspirational podcasting
8. The friendly old-timey captions of a Stan and Jack comic
9. Creator blogs, particularly production and sketch blogs
10. The Last Call by Vasilis Lolos
11. The increasingly earlier Best Comics of the Year lists
12. Jeff Parker
13. Atomic Robo
14. Gail Simone writing Wonder Woman
15. Matt Fraction

Weekly Crisis: “Atomic Robo continues to impress in the second issue. I cropped together a couple panels to show this giant bug squashing scene. The entire issue had some hilarious background dialogue debating real world physics and comic book physics that would require me scanning just about the whole issue to show you. You should probably just pick this series up next time you’re at the shop.”

Al Nickerson: “If you’re tired of reading sucky comics, then give ATOMIC ROBO a shot.”

The ISB: “And with Atomic Robo, it all comes barrelling through on the comics page. Clevinger’s a talented, funny guy, and when you take a script where the main character (a surprisingly genial 83 year-old robot built by Nikolai Tesla) explains how he defeated a group of gigantic insects with the phrase “I just used my violence on them” and add in Scott Wegener’s excellent art, the result is a comic that reads like pure distilled fun. Admittedly, there’s nothing in this issue that quite matches up to the scene from #1 of Robo going about his business underneath a dogpile of terrified Nazis, but it’s still well worth checking out.”

Comickal: “Atomic Robo #1 (Brian Clevinger/Scott Wegener; Red 5 Comics) Big Robot with odd sense of humor going up against Nazis. What’s not to like? Seriously, it’s just good pulpy fun. The art is dynamic and colorful and matches the story well. Recommended for people who like fight comix fun (and you do have to like the fight comix, since it’s basically an issue length fight).”

Evil Avatar: “Atomic Robo #2 – The second issue was as great as the first”

Me Geek, You Geek: “Atomic Robo #2. Pick this book up!”

Atomic Comics: “Despite the fact that this is part of a mini-series, Clevinger tells a nice, simple, single-issue story, so a casual reader will be satisfied and not feel pressured into picking up the rest of the series. Because he does it this way, however, and with such joy of storytelling, this is the kind of book that will probably lure a first-time reader into checking out the rest of the series. It’s a pretty good trick. I know I’m going to track down issue #1, because this is a nice idea with lots of potential. So Clevinger did his job with regard to me, and I think he will do a good job luring others in, as well.”

IGN Comics: “I can’t wrap this review without passing major praise over to Scott Wegener and Ronda Pattison (pencils and colors respectively). The two create a fantastic world for Robo, one that is energetic, lively and it perfectly sets the tone of the story. It’s often the case that comedy is ruined by odd layouts or simply mismatched talent. That is not the case here. The art is simply wonderful. What I’m trying to say here is that you need to go to your local shop and tell them to order Atomic Robo.”

Michael May – 10 Fictional Characters I’m Thankful For This Year: “10. Atomic Robo (Red 5 Comics). He’s a brand new character and I’m just getting to know him, but he was built by Tesla and he fights giant ants, so I think we’re gonna get along just fine.”


Savage Critic: “It’s a clever concept, immediately intriguing, and professionally done, impressively so for a small publisher. (Caveat: I don’t know about print or paper quality, since I viewed this on-screen. I don’t expect them to cheap out at those points, given the impression I’ve gotten about the company so far, but I’ve seen people make stupider decisions.)”


INFUZE: “Tom Hodges’ pencils are reminiscent of the great Bruce Timm’s animated style. It gets the job done and fits well with this light hearted superhero book. The last page is a nifty run down by Hodges of the long development of this title. It’s just as entertaining as the preceding story. If you want simple adventures jump on board. Red 5 deliver yet again to the crowd seeking fun stories but without the need for endless trivia that The Big Two’s books often require.”

Geeks of Doom: “A rare book heralding the value of familial responsibilities all while wearing tights at night to stop nefarious deeds from happening, Midknight will put a smile on your face with the various jokes (an homage to Jay and Silent Bob was a nice touch) while harkening back to sense of realistic life experiences.”

Dvandom: “High concept could be described as “What if DCAU Batman and Black Canary were married with a kid, but still fought crime in addition to having day jobs?” Well, not exactly Batman and Dinah, of course, but the mapping is reasonably close in places.”

Comics and…: “Last and certainly not least this is a great all ages book at this point. Enough depth to the story and the relationships that an adult can relate to, but a nice fast moving story that a child would enjoy and be able to follow. In a comic world that has too few books to be able to read and enjoy with younger children, this book is a welcome addition.”

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  1. MaGnUs (AKA The Dissector) Says:

    Thank you for featuring my site, I’m very glad I’m reading Atomic Robo. Och, I just realized I have a sentence that doesn’t make sense there: “(…) but also touching moments that show that in a very effective way make you care (…)”; that “that show” shouldn’t be there…

    keep up the good work!

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