Great Reviews for Red 5 Titles

Another day, another round of glowing reviews for our Red 5 titles. Check out what’s being said around the interwebs:

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Neozoic #2
Paul Ens has done a masterful job of laying out the story so far. J. Korim’s art is wonderful. His action sequences are both dynamic and elegant. His art truly allows the reader to be lost in this new and exotic environment. I want to kidnap him and make him draw all the stories I write! Jessie Lam’s color work is also gorgeous. I find that it not only compliments J’s art but also helps to set the tone of the environment. The creators working on this book seem to all enhance each others work – which is how a good comic should be.

Atomic Robo #3
Atomic Robo brings me great happiness. Amidst the piles of dreary Spiderman stories and monotonous ‘everything that happens in the comic book will change the world as you know it’ tales, Atomic Robo makes me laugh. It is so rare that comic books make me laugh anymore, and usually it’s an occasional joke amongst a bleaker background. This comic keeps me smiling the entire time I read it. Sharp artwork, smooth colors and a fun story – what more can anyone ask for in a comic book? Honestly, I can think of no higher praise for this story and thus I have nothing left to say.

Abyss #2
Okay I was a little iffy on issue #1, but I’m sold now. This book has some great plot twists and the relationship between the father and son is a great one. The comedic touches are sprinkled liberally throughout the book and yet it also has a dramatic plot to it. A lot like real life, only I don’t wear rubber suits on have a kid sidekick.


Atomic Robo #3
By page 9, I had found and replaced six “end of post quotes”, if not more. I think my number two choice nicely sums up the issue, though: “Judging by how these things usually go, I think it’s safer to ASSUME mummies until proven otherwise.” “That’s just good advice in ANY line of work.” Very strongly recommended.

Rise of Nikoli

Atomic Robo #3
This is my favorite book right now. I had to get number two shipped to me from another comics store because Diamond screwed my shop and didn’t ship them their copies. Man, was it well worth it. There is tons of fun action, drama, and comedy wrapped up in each issue. Also, while its a six issue mini-series, so far the previous two issues have been done-in-one’s so it’s easy for someone to get in on the atomic fun. Last issue we had 50-foot tall ants attacking Reno. This issue, with a mobile pyramid and solar powered deathray wandering the Egyptian desert, Atomic Robo and the Alpha Squad are authorized for violent science. I mean come on guys! Robo fighting mummies! Every time I think this book can’t get better, the next issue comes out and it does! Check out Atomic Robo or I’ll never speak to you again.


Midknight #1
Hodges creates what seems to be a realistic world for his characters to exist in. his main characters are established to be a typical married couple, who just also happen to be costumed heroes. We first see them enjoying a rare night away from the kids at a hockey game when they need to jump into action. We get a glimpse of their home life in which they have a daughter who’s bound to be put in mortal danger at some point, deal with the fatigue that comes from late night adventuring, and they seem to be religious. The art is something akin to Michael Oeming’s art in the long running Powers book. I like that style of art and it seems to work well with this story. I look forward to seeing more.

Warren Peace

Atomic Robo #3
Judging by the one issue I’ve read (#2), this series is tons of fun. Keep up the good work, guys!


Atomic Robo #3
If you haven’t been reading this book, you’re missing out. I’ve already talked about what I thought of issue #1 and #2, and what I’ve said there continues on with issue three. Brian Clevinger gives us a solid story, and Scott Wegener gives us some great art; a book packed with action and humor and fun. You could say that it’s like Hellboy, but with science instead of mysticism.

Silver Bullet Comic Books

This month, if I were ordering my usual Atomic Robo, I would have to add a side of snark with my combo meal. Humor abounds as the robot and geek squad head out to the Middle East, and we have what I believe is the first cliffhanger of the series. Now, tell me why again you haven’t tried this book out?

Also be sure to check out two podcasts from ComicBookPage.Com covering Afterburn #1 (hitting stores in January) and Neozoic #1!

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  3. Gerren Says:

    Interesting feedback… I picked up Atomic Robo, but now I’ll have to get Neozoic and Abyss as well.

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