Abyss #2 and Neozoic #2 In Stores

Both Abyss #2 and Neozoic #2 should be hitting stores all over the US today! Neozoic #2 was originally scheduled to hit NEXT week, but our shipment arrived at Diamond sooner than anticipated. (Actually, some copies of Abyss #2 hit Los Angeles shops LAST week.) I’m still getting the hang of this shipping thing. Sorry!

If you get to your shop and discover that they’re sold out, make sure they re-order copies for you using the following Diamond order codes:

ABYSS #2 (OCT073753)
To save San Francisco from a bomb, Eric Hoffman must don his father’s super-villain costume. But when he falls into the hands of The Arrow, Eric’s new-found reality is flipped upside-down again. Does he trust the hero, or the villain?

From the creator of the parody film web phenomenon, “TROOPS”.

32 pages, $2.95.

NEOZOIC #2 (OCT073754)
In a world where dinosaurs and humans co-exist, a thousand of the agitated giant reptiles stand between Lilli and a little girl in trouble. But to save the child, the warrior must battle much more than just teeth and claws.

32 pages, $2.95.


And if your shop is having problems getting back orders in, please let us know! We’ve still got plenty of copies of everything (except Atomic Robo #1) and have been fulfilling all Diamond re-orders.

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  1. axl99 Says:

    Whoa, here I thought Neozoic’s gonna be out on boxing day! Time to start spreadin’ the word then.

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