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Abyss #2

Comic Book Noise

Abyss 2 (of 4) – Red 5 Comics has not let me down yet. I’m really enjoying this series and I cannot wait to see which direction the story goes in next. The ‘reveal’ at the end was a little predictable, but as I have said before, sometimes predictable just means ‘makes sense’. Rating: I would definitely recommend it to others.


Abyss #2 came out this past week, and I neglected to mention it. The second issue picks up with Eric Hoffman being mistaken for his father, the villain Abyss. There’s an interesting theme of not being able to seperate yourself from your family, no matter how hard you try. Go pick it up.

Broken Frontier

This is yet another impressive book to come out of Red 5 Comics. The quality of story and art are surely up to par with any books currently on the market. This issue’s ending leaves the story wide open to go in several directions, all of which look to be entertaining. Abyss comes very highly recommended if you’re looking for a funny super hero book with fantastic art.

Silver Bullet Comic Books

No doubt many readers fell in love with the one-liners that filled the first issue, as did I, but it would appear that great story telling was what earned my praise this time around. The jokes were still there, Rubio is too good at writing humor to let that get away from him. Instead, he decided to open up the stables and show he is more than a one-trick pony as a writer. Please try this book out, I’m begging you.

Midknight #1

Broken Frontier

Midknight #1 was created by Tom and Terri Hodges, several years back. The “origin” story written on the back page of this issue tells the sporadic history of Midknight and all the twists and turns it took to get where he is today. Tom has gained much of his fame through the Star Wars web-comic, Evasive Action: Reversal of Fortune. His art style is clean and very appealing to the eyes. Very sharp line work that doesn’t appear to be obscured by the inks. Helping matters greatly, is the high quality paper used for the book and the fact that Mr. Hodges colored his own work. Very beautiful stuff here!

Neozoic #2

Silver Bullet Comic Books

As with the first issue, the artwork of Korim continues to be a big bright spot of this book. His faces are all fantastic and unique in their own way, and I really enjoy how the artist does action. I wasn’t too sure of the colors the first time around, but the muted tones fit this book that meshes retro and modern concepts. Its obvious Lilli is a labor of love as well; and rightfully so, she’s meant to be the star of this series. With a budding story that should have a few more twists in it before the end, as well as stellar art that either of the big two would kill for, this book yet another reason why I continue to tout Red 5 as a comic publisher to keep your eye on.


Neozoic #2 was also sent my way, and I think the second issue really picked up from the first issue which set up the world of Neozoic. This second issue builds on it, and starts to set up the conflict. Some good sci-fi comics here.

Atomic Robo #3

Pure fun that uses the same playbook as Hellboy without slavishly imitating Mignola’s series.


While I’ve heaped a lot of praise on Clevinger, I would be remiss if I did not do the same for artist Scott Wegner. Wegner’s style perfectly complements the tone of Clevinger’s stories. Robo’s look is a throwback to pulp magazines of the 30’s and 40’s with a cartoony yet modernized look to his pencils and inks. These two make a great team. This series is scheduled for six issues and I certainly hope that a regular series will soon be forthcoming. I’m not sure how many new comic book companies have sprung up in 2007, but as of right now, with titles like Atomic Robo and Abyss, Red 5 would get my vote for best new publisher of the year.

The action is brisk, the dialog is enjoyably snarky, and the wildly imaginative ideas are incessant. I really like this. We’ll definitely need more after this initial six-issue run concludes. Recommended!


Brian Clevinger of 8-Bit Theater fame has crafted one of the most enjoyable comics out there, for any company, and the company that’s to be commended for publishing it is Red 5 Comics. No joke. It’s implausible, it’s waaaaaaaaaay out there, and it’s fun. It’s how I used to feel as a kid when I got an issue of Spider-Man or whatever I was reading at the time and couldn’t wait to get home to open the cover and just have some fun. Lots of comics nowadays have lost that. Atomic Robo revels in it. It’s 22 pages of complete lunacy — issue 3 deals with Robo taking down a 5,000 year old Egyptian built pyramidal solar-powered deathray, for Bog’s sakes — but it’s relentless in the sheer joy that it brings to every page. Go out. Buy it. There’s only 6 issues, which is a complete shame, but buy enough of ‘em and maybe we’ll get lucky and get a monthly out of it.


A lot of comic book creators try their hand rummaging around in the guts of screwball pop culture, but very few pull it off so gracefully. “Grace” in this case means making it all seem natural – from the, well, from the atomic robot on down to the pyramid tank powered by ancient machinery. And the story is called “The Pyramid Scheme.” And the robot cracks wise, as atomic robots are wont to do. Did I mention Nikolai Tesla gets name-checked in the prologue summary?

Man, that was just an unreasonable amount of fun. Intelligent robots, wandering attack pyramids in Egypt, stuff blowing up … it’s like BPRD as funneled through Raiders of the Lost Ark, in a way. It even manages to do the zombie thing in a not-at-all-annoying way. The sort of story that appeals to your inner kid. Plus one that you can give to your outer kid, if you happen to have one around. It doesn’t stand alone; if you haven’t read issue 2, you’re going to be a bit lost, but only a bit. Highly recommended.

Comics And…

Another good issue. This starts off fast and then never lets up. The basics are a pyramid is roaming the desert and Robo and his crew are called in to stop in. The story had great dialogue and a fun ending as he blows the top of the pyramid off. THIS BOOK IS FUN!


We begin to discuss Atomic Robo #3 at 22:23:

“I absolutely love this series.”
- Desmond Reddick

“I love Atomic Robo! I love this book so much!”
- Michael David Sims

“It’s that surprise mini that came out of nowhere, and shocked the hell out of me!”
- Michael David Sims

“It’s fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.”
- Desmond Reddick

“The art captures the intense action and comedy perfectly.”
- Desmond Reddick

“You need to be getting this book!”
- Desmond Reddick

“It’s exciting, it’s funny and it’s entirely accessible.”
- Desmond Reddick

“The writing and dialog being so much life to these characters.”
- Michael David Sims

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