Interview: Robo Artist Scott Wegener

New Hampshire Magazine interviewed Atomic Robo artist Scott Wegener recently:

“Atomic Robo” allowed Wegener to take the plunge, quit the day job and become a full-time comic artist (he works from home, where he is also in charge of getting his daughter to school and to her numerous after-school activities). Having been told that he’d never make a living as an artist, Wegener never went to art school. Everything he’s learned about drawing comics he’s taught himself.

“The idea of telling a story in pictures was totally alien to me,” says Wegener. While he’s loved to draw since his childhood, drawing Robo and others (like his recent work for Marvel Comics) “is not just like doing a doodle,” explains Wegener. It usually takes 10 hours, more than a working day for most people, to finish just a single page.

Though at times his new job piles on the pressure, at the end of the day, says Wegener, “I get paid to do what I’ve always dreamed of doing.”

Visit the link above for more! You can also visit Scott’s website at!

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