Interview: Neozoic Artist J. Korim

Comics And interviewed J. Korim about his work on Neozoic:

Gwen: How closely do you work with the team on Neozoic?

J: Well, Paul works in Calgary and Jessie Lam (colorist) is on the other side of Toronto from where I live so it comes down to some creative messaging back and forth. I think I get about 80-90% of what Paul writes in his script onto the page, if I leave anything out it’s usually to make room for some visual idea I wanna run with and Paul’s been good about letting me do that. Jessie’s a fantastic colorist, always comes up with great textures so I only offer a few vague suggestions when I hand her a page and she brings back gold.

Gwen: What’s been the most enjoyable project you’ve worked on up until now and why?

J: Neozoic has a great look that I’ve had more input in designing and developing than anything else I’ve worked on so this would be it. And I’m not struggling as much with my art & style the way I used to. I think the first time I drew comics I definitely wasn’t ready and the quality of my work dropped off too much. Now I’m getting the hang of it and it’s getting fun.

Visit the link above for more! You can visit J. Korim’s personal site at

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