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Quiet Earth

“The dialog between characters is very amusing as are the wonderful use of simplistic action words. I was pleasantly surprised how amusing I found the use of the word “chomp” to be. It was so unexpected that it had me rolling. The artwork of Mr. Nichols is very well fitted to the story as it has a very minimalist feel much in the same way Preacher used. His art definitely pulls the focus to the action in the scene and does a wonderful job of expressing the comical tones in the book. Overall, I really did have a great time reading Afterburn, and I just hope that the authors get a chance to show off their world in the three issues they have left as there are so many great places this book can go.”


Comic Book Noise

Atomic Robo #3 (of 6) – I’m not sure if I like the ending to the main story, but I really like this title. I really wish that it wasn’t ending at six issues. Here’s hoping that it is successful enough to warrant an Atomic Robo 2 miniseries or ongoing. Recommendation: Get it now.


4)Atomic Rob0 – The highest rated mini-series that is not completed. The simple reason is all about fun. This book defines the term. It tells a great story, it is an easy read, it has really nice clean lines, it has great coloring and outstanding production values. It also has all six issues drawn before #1 was every solicited and the people who produce Red 5 Comics are just out and out nice people. A winner from Brian Clevinger (writer) and Scott Wegner (artist).

Comic Book Resources

365 Reasons to Love Comics #360 – Atomic Robo: Okay, I have to admit, I didn’t expect this book to sweep me off my feet like it did. The new Little Publisher That Could, Red 5 Comics, debuted its magnificent new title, Atomic Robo, by the team of writer Brian Clevinger, artist Scott Wegener, and colorist Ronda Pattison, and lo, it took the comics interweb by storm. It’s truly one of the best new books of 2007.


Here are my favorite comics from the past year, in no particular order: Atomic Robo – Red 5 is my favorite new publisher, and this is their flagship book.

IGN Comics – Atomic Robo was listed as runner up for the Best New Book of 2007!


Best New Character: Atomic Robo Brian Clevinger (w) Scott Wegener (a): , I can’t wait to know you forever. With a simple, iconic design, and a delightful, whimsical tone, Robo feels like he’s in it for the long haul. Comics are the only place robots can destroy Wonders of the World, or giant ants, or zombies. And so they should. The dialogue remains genuinely funny, never falling flat, while the situations are consistently ridiculous enough to maintain interest. So listen, Red5 Comics, I want my Atomic Robo action figures, Atomic Robo lunchboxes, Atomic Robo bedsheets, and Atomic Robo Ointments, and I want them now.

Gutter Bleed

This was probably the hardest one to decide on. With Hybrid Bastards!, Potter’s Field, and Fall of Cthulu vying for the honor, there was one book that I kept looking at: Red 5 Comics’ Atomic Robo.

The sense of fun and frenetic action that writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener have delivered in every issue (3 so far, 6 scheduled) of this book is infectious. There are no complaints of “decompression” here; the story is in the book and there’s enough talking to fill the balloons . . . but you find the pages almost turning themselves.

While independent books can struggle in this Diamond-dominated direct market, Atomic Robo seems to be finding an audience — this is great news — and hopefully we will see more of Nikolai Tesla’s electric man after this too-short six-issue run is done.

Also, be sure to head on over to Comixtreme.Com to vote for Atomic Robo in the following categories:

Atomic Robo
Cable and Deadpool
Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius
Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse

Amelia Rules!
Atomic Robo
Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane
The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allen Poo


Litany of Schist

Neozoic has dinosaurs which is a plus, but the overall product is nicely put together. It’s good to see that some people still care about comics. Not “woo hoo comics are cool” or “who can we license today” care, but “lets make something to be proud of” care.

Infuze Magazine

If Medieval knights built their cities to look like feudal Japan and formed picket lines outside the market square where giant video monitors showed ESPN-like highlights of the best warriors and their slaughtering of dinosaurs, well…then you’d have the new book Neozoic. Because essentially, that’s issue 2. Yeah. Knights with swords sans armor, giant dinosaurs, Shinto temples, video-playback. Definitely not history. Not even sure that it all meshes well, but well, it’s kinda cool. Brought to you by Red 5 Comics, Neozoic is definitely a unique book.

Comic Book Page – Visit their site for a podcast review of Neozoic #2!


CriticizeThis.Net – Check out this video review of Abyss!

Comic Boards

Written with wit by Kevin Rubio, who has an experienced eye for parody, having been responsible for the movie “Troops” which also didn’t stand at poking a finger in the eye of merely one topic or genre, Abyss crackles with the same bemused but snide look at the comic book world. (And I’ll say now–because I’m not sure where else to put this in the review, the physical and visual quality of this book is excellent. The art is easy on the eyes and understandable and has a wit of its own, and the quality of the cover and paper is top notch. And for under $3? I wish Marvel and DC were putting out a book for that which felt so nice in my hand.)

Finally, visit Comic Book Page for an end of year “Best Of” podcast mentioning Red 5 Comics! Spread the love!

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