Atomic Robo – Volume 2 On The Way!

In a lot of the recent reviews of Red 5 titles, we’ve seen people saying, “I wish this was an ongoing series rather than a limited series.” Well, guess what? ALL of the Red 5 titles are open ended and will continue on if the readers demand it. And as proof of that, Atomic Robo Volume 2 will debut in 2008!

If you had been visiting or, you’d be seeing updates of where Volume 2 is currently at. Scott Wegener gives an update:

The mini-series is plotted out and the script for the first issue is finished, (until I draw stuff that Brian never wrote and he has to redo it all).

At this point we are thinking that all subsequent Robo mini-series will be period based. For example, Vol2 is all based around the events of WWII. From there we are looking at a Roaring Twenties volume, a 1950’s jet-era air pirates thing, and a bunch of other stuff.

Scott also added a sample of the Vol. 2 artwork to his website:

Robo Vol 2 Pencils

Look for mecha, werewolves, and monster men terrorizing Robo in Robo Vol. 2!

And if you want to see Abyss, Neozoic, Afterburn, or Midknight continue beyond their current story arcs, demand it!

7 Responses to “Atomic Robo – Volume 2 On The Way!”

  1. James Hewlett Says:

    I’m really happy Robo is continuing. I’d love to see Abyss become a regular ongoing series. Neozoic, the book that I was least excited about before it came out, has me completely hooked too. There seems like there is a lot of potential for more stories in that world and I hope I get to read them and drool over the incredible art. Midknight was fun, but you can’t pass judgement after just one issue. Looking forward to Afterburn.

  2. Scott Conner Says:

    I hope Brian and Scott keep creating new Atomic Robo material until we’re all as old as Robo himself is right now! ;-)

  3. Cory Johnson Says:

    I’m loving Robo, Abyss, and Midknight! I love how Red 5 is putting humor back into comic books. Check out the piece I wrote for my LCS about you guys:

  4. Scott Wegener » Blog Archive » Atomic Robo Out The Wahzoo Says:

    [...] Red5 Comics confirms Atomic Robo Vol.2 This is no news to you guys, but its amazing how many people just don’t read the I Hate Blogs blog or [...]

  5. Derrick Fish Says:

    This series has been SUCH a delight and I’m very excited to know it will continue into a second volume! GLEE!

  6. Auguste Miller Says:

    Hey guys,
    I live in Paris (france) and ordered Atomic Robo from the get-go but my store has received none of the issues…:(

    Seeing the mini is almost done I would love to know if there are any plans for a trade, or even a hardcover ?!

    (Will have to make sure i receive Vol2 !)


  7. LO2 Says:

    Atomic Robo is an exceptional book, and I look forward to seeing a lot more of it.

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