Afterburn’s Matt Busch Overhauls Website!

Afterburn cover artist Matt Busch has some cool updates for us!:


NEW YORK, NY– On the eve of the New Year, PMK’s Imagination and Planetmatt Entertainment unveiled a brand new official website on the the art and projects of artist Matt Busch. Mostly known for his work illustrating the STAR WARS universe and other pop culture entities, Busch has also made waves was a writer and independent filmmaker.

sitecardlow.jpgDesigned and maintained by graphic designer/photographer Paul Michael Kane and Busch himself, the two have put together what is quite possibly the largest and most comprehensive website for an artist, ever. “Anything that you’ve ever wanted to know, you’ll be able find here, including what I had for lunch last Tuesday.” jokes Busch. “In all seriousness, the site is jam-packed with all kinds of stuff that fans, friends, and aspiring artists will enjoy.”

Busch’s previous site was already well received, and was awarded 5-Star ratings on industry web sites. Kane comments “Obviously there are tons of beautiful images in the galleries, but I think folks really like the extras behind the art. It draws people in and let’s them find a connection with Matt’s work.”

Brand new sections include a 100 image studio tour of Busch’s home and working facilities, which include a massive art studio, private gallery, recording studio, mini-movie theater, product warehouses, and even a classic video game arcade. Also for the first time, folks can download wallpaper screen-savers or solve flash puzzles with Busch’s artwork.

The web site is the first in a series of new events Busch has in store for 2008. In January, Busch will release Season 2 of How To Draw STAR WARS video tutorials- 13 brand new episodes to debut exclusively on MySpaceTV. This March, Hermes Press will release a huge art book on the many aspects of Busch’s career, THE WORLDS OF MATT BUSCH. And this summer Busch will release an as-of-yet untitled DVD documentary of his world travels and behind-the-scenes adventures at work and play.

For more information, and to check out the site itself, visit:

For Press images and interviews, please contact Matt Busch at:
(586) 604-1168

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