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At Red 5 Comics, we like to periodically share with you links to sites who have been kind enough to say a few words about our titles. Thank them for supporting Red 5 by checking out what they had to say. Then listen what they had to say, and pick-up some more Red 5 books. It’s a vicious circle. :)

Midknight 2 coverMIDKNIGHT #2
The Pullbox…

The dialogue and relationship between MidKnight and Knightingale is so fresh and realistic. Midknight is the perfect book for the whole family… adventure, heroics, drama, fun and still clearly within the realm of being family-friendly without being kid-centric (think Teen Titans Go!).

neozoic02_cover.jpgNEOZOIC #2
Geeks of Doom…

This is a book to look out for, with some decent writing and some very pleasing art. Besides, it’s got a lot of great dinosaur action, and I can always read that.

Comics and… – Comics I Enjoyed in 2007

Yes, there has only been two issues in 2007, but no matter. I’ve had so much fun with this book.

The Pullbox…

One of the best funny books out there, Red 5’s Abyss is worth six times the cover price compared to the laughs you’ll have reading this comic.

Atomic Robo #4ATOMIC ROBO
Kick it off with the must-read sarcasm-drenched interview with creators Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener over at Heavy Ink

Q: (From Astro-Lad): I’ve noticed (along with several readers at my LCS) that Atomic Robo is a lot like Hellboy? How much of an influence is Mignola’s work to you?

SCOTT: I own a light box and every copy of Hellboy ever printed. I read Brian’s scripts and then fish through my Hellboy issues searching for the panels that best match Brian’s scripts and trace them. Then I draw Robo’s head over HB’s head. BAM! Instant Atomic Robo comic book.

IGN Comics…

The cheese ball zaniness, wholly intentional, gives the book an undeniable sense of charm, and is exactly what makes Atomic Robo one of, if not the very best independent book in recent memory.

Comics Bulletin…

Overall, I love this book. Clevinger has managed to create a character and series that is reminiscent of Hellboy, which is high praise indeed, but takes it and makes it his own with a unique style and voice.

Gutter Bleed…

I’ve praised this title for the past three months, you think I’m going to stop now? Buy the damned thing. Encourage more of this type of book.

Comics and…

It comes out every month and it’s good every month. Hop on the bandwagon everyone!

The Rise of Nikoli…

I can’t stop showering this book with praise, and my biggest hope is that Atomic Robo becomes an ongoing.

The Pullbox…

I am ashamed to say that I am a sci-fi pulp fan and I have not picked up a copy of Atomic Robo before. What can I say, it wasn’t on my radar… and it should have been!

Invincible Super-Blog…

It’s the kind of comic that just starts from a premise so brilliant that it was last seen in luchadore cinema… Clearly, this is a comic we should all be reading.

Weekly Crisis…

Atomic Robo is the funniest and most entertaining comics currently on the market.

Comics Should be Good… – SENSATIONAL CHARACTER FIND OF 2007

I’m going to give the nod to Atomic Robo on this one. The sarcastic, pragmatic Tesla-built robot commando has been a great addition to the world of comics. If I ever need to be saved from a giant radioactive ant, I’d want this guy to do it.

RED 5 COMICS – in general

Comic Fanatic – Most Underrated of 2007:

Red 5 Comics – One of the industry’s newest publishers, Red 5 Comics debuted late in 2007, but did so in a big, big way…in a way that demanded attention and promised even bigger and better things to come in the very near future. Red 5 Comics debuted with three titanic titles: the superhero-with-a-twist Abyss; the old-school, extremely fun title Atomic Robo, which reads like Iron Man meets Deadpool; and my personal favorite title, Neozoic, which brilliantly displays what would have happened if the dinosaurs wouldn’t have died out. This onslaught was soon followed by one of the coolest looking characters on the shelves today with the crime-fighting-family book Midknight. In the matter of just a few months, Red 5 Comics grabbed the attention of Comic Fanatics everywhere with a roster of talented writers and artists and some of the freshest titles to hit a spinner rack in years.

Comics Podcasts…

So far, everything we’ve read from Red 5 Comics has really clicked for us. They’re putting out quality material.

And easily the longest article every written about the business of Red 5 Comics over at Technophobiac Comics… (we cannot vouch for the accuracy of the article, but we were pleased to read it)

With all that said, I have some long-term optimism about one of the new kids on the block: Red 5 Comics.

Thanks to everyone for their on-going support of Red 5! If we missed anything, post a comment with a link below.

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