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The first issue of Red 5’s latest title, Afterburn, hit shelves last week and the reviews are in. Here’s what reviewers are saying:


Afterburn is pure adventure and writers Chitwood and Ens have opened up half the world for their characters to explore and locate the world’s great treasures. The possibilities are virtually limitless. The science of Afterburn may be a bit fuzzy but it more than makes up for it with lively action sequences. The dialog is very snappy and has that witty banter of Hollywood adventure films. … Red 5 continues to make comics that are both unique and fun, with fun being the operative word.

Geeks of Doom

Mmmmm… I do love me a bit of fine post-apocalyptic fiction. The Terminator. The Matrix. Singularity 7. Mad Max. I Am Legend! There’s just something about the post-apocalyptic setting that fascinates me. No chance for a happy ending. The worst has already happened. The good guys lost. The world ended. What happens next? What stories are told in the aftermath? How do we, as a society and as a species, bounce back? Well, according to Red 5’s latest release, Afterburn, we bounce with a healthy serving of pragmatism.

Comics And…

Another good comic from Red 5. On the second reading I liked the story a little more. The artwork is well done and the story was a good read. I loved the fast set-up of how we got to this post apocalyptic world and then into the story of our main character being part of a group who will do treasure robbing from the scorched side of Earth or take any jobs requiring their skills. This can easily be a series of mini-series.

Comics And…

A new number one from one of my favorite publishers (yes I like others besides BOOM Studios) Red 5 Comics. This one is a post apocalyptic tale and it is an easy read and well done. The disaster starts the story and the premise is set up so fast that you are immediately into the story. Scott Chitwood (creator), with Paul Ens as co-scripter and Wayne Nichols on pencils have produced a good read and sharp looking book for an issue #1. The disaster is a massive solar flare burns one half of the Earth. Our main character one year later is part of a crew that goes anywhere to “recover” artifacts from the ruined half of the world. After reading issue #1 (which I saw as a preview) I’m looking forward to issue #2.


Between the unbelievably awesome Atomic Robo and Neozoic, Red 5 is on a roll. The Abyss and Midnight aren’t so bad either, but they’re superhero comics and honestly, the world has enough of those. What we can never get enough of though is robots fighting giant ants and people riding dinosaurs into battle with other dinosaurs. And post-apocalyptic Indiana Jones-stye adventure, which is where Afterburn comes in.

Great Caesars Post

Maybe it’s just the afterglow from re-reading Atomic Robo talking, but this pushes a lot of the right buttons for me. Good looking art, a distinct crime-adventure feel, and it’s all dropped into a post-apocalyptic setting — which, y’know, is one of my drugs of choice. And I appreciate that the premise — treasure hunters chasing the valuable artifacts left behind after half the world is ravaged by a massive solar flare — puts a new spin on a familiar set-up.

Comic Pants

I like the premise on Afterburn: on an Earth devastated by a massive, rogue solar flare, a team of mercenary thieves ply their trade, stealthing into quarantine zones to steal rare items for rich clients.

Lost Toast

This issue starts with the sun melting half of the earth and ends with a fight involving mutant pirate gangs and Chinese Death Sharks. To say that I didn’t enjoy such a book would be ridiculous. Heck – when all is said and done, every single book in the Red 5 Comics stable is pretty darn awesome. And not only are the stories great, but they come out on their release day – every time, without fail. This is an independent company to watch. Keep up the great work, guys who won’t read this blog.

You can also find a favorable/mixed review at Comics Bulletin. But if you’re wanting to feel the love in audio, check out the podcast at Comic Podcasts where they sing our post-apocalyptic praise.

Finally, you can hear an audio interview with me at Comics Podcasts:

We come back from hiatus and with 5 Episodes left till the end of Season 2 we kick it into high gear with Scott Chitwood. Scott comes on the ICN to talk about Red 5 Comics. With all the buzz around the company and the books being put out we try to discover a little bit more about how Red 5 got started and what we can expect from it in the near future. Get on board with Atomic Robo, Abyss, Afterburn, Midknight and Neozoic!

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  1. Daniel Yanez Says:

    Hi! You guys made a great effort on the comic. Please read my review of it. A fish in a sea of whales… Don’t kill me :)

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