April 2008 Red 5 Titles

Here’s a look at the Red 5 Comics appearing in the current February issue of Diamond Previews, with titles shipping in April 2008.

The big news is Red 5’s first “Free Comic Book Day” title, featuring all-new Atomic Robo and Neozoic tales. This issue will be free to you from participating comic shops. Be sure to ask for yours… and stay tuned to this website for more details.

Since Red 5 is still a new publisher, you’ll likely have to pre-order our comics in order to get a copy. For your convenience, find your local comic shop (see our new Red 5-friendly list), or order online.

     Neozoic #4 (FEB083990)
The walls of Monanti city are smashed, and the lives of millions are trampled beneath the feet of relentless dinosaurs. The Predator Defense League tries to stem the tide. The King finds his family kidnapped.

But is Lilli to blame? When both father and mentor turn their backs on her, the emotional show-down turns deadly.

32 pages, $2.95, 2008-04-23

     Abyss #4 (FEB083989)
Eric, Arrow and Shaafte find Abyss’ secret lair, the kidnapped Quiver, and the ultimate target the super-villain’s plan… the San Simian Superhero Con. Only by becoming bad guys can the the good guys stop the bad guys who look like good guys – while the fate of 100,000 fans hangs in the balance.

32 pages, $2.95, 2008-04-30

     Atomic Robo / Neozoic – Free Comic Book Day

32 pages, $0.00, 2008-05-03

Thank you in advance for your interest and support of Red 5 Comics!

2 Responses to “April 2008 Red 5 Titles”

  1. Chris Says:

    Neozoic #4 looks good. This looks like the best cover art so far.
    I’m also glad to see a Neozoic story in the FCBD book.

  2. Stfz Says:

    hello! do you have a french version of the comic book??? … im so fan

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