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Jessie Lam, the talented colorist, has started her own unofficial Neozoic blog chronicling her experiences on the dinosaur epic. Check out the aptly named, Rampaging Dinosaurs + Chicks with Swords blog.

Retrospect on issue #3
I’ve got one word to describe this: EPIC.
I mean, just look at those previews!

The script had the issue starting at the very crack of dawn, so I had to start off with a lotta deep reds, purples and pinks, then as time went on I built it up so the skies had more oranges and yellows for emphasis. The dinosaurs were all in bigger groups than before so I had to find more ways to colour them up without them all looking the same or blending in too much with the background. There were a small bunch of crowd scenes sure, but there was quite a bit of flying debris here and there, mostly huge dust clouds and such.

On the topic of Neozoic, a few bloggers gave the team some swelled heads yesterday, starting with Michael May’s Adventureblog

Thank God for Red 5. Seriously. Atomic Robo and Neozoic are drugs for an illness I didn’t even know I had: Lackofawesometosis.

and The Pullbox’s Neozoic #3’s review

Paul Ens is doing it again with Neozoic. Any geek worth his or her salt has read at least one fantasy novel of a culture of warriors living in a savage land fighting off the local hostile flora and fauna. Ens has taken this known setting that has classically been done well in the past (Conan, Ka-Zar, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, etc.) and has re-imagined it and is now adding Neozoic to that “classic” list.

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  1. axl99 Says:

    Oh hey, you linked the blog! Whootages~

    Now people can get a gist of the sheer amount of madness that goes into each issue.

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