Online Praise for Red 5 Titles

We’ve been fortunate to receive a whole new batch of positive reviews for our titles this month. Here are some of the highlights!

Atomic Robo #4

ComicPodcasts – Check out an audio review of Atomic Robo #4!

Geeks of Doom

“This book has quietly become one of the books I look forward to most, and I hope there’s not too much of a delay once this first mini ends. It seems to be one of the first indie standouts to arrive in a while, and it totally deserves all the attention it’s getting.”

Atomic Robo #5

Rack Raids

Okay folks, time for some honesty. I think it’s safe to say that by this point in its run, there is really no point in reviewing Atomic Robo anymore. In fact, it’s comics like Atomic Robo that make me question whether this whole reviewing gig is worth the aggravation. Damn you Robo, there’s only so many ways to say this comic is awesome!

Cookie Bastard

Best comic currently being printed? Without a doubt, 100%, is Atomic Robo. It’s very high quality material. I really like the artwork and the story lines are funny and entertaining.

Broken Frontier

Broken Frontier has awarded their 2007 Broken Frontier Awards – Best Debut Book: – Atomic Robo (Red 5)

Comics And…

I think I could hand this comic to just about anyone and they’d enjoy it. I also love the way the artist gives Robo’s bucket head such colorful expressions – Wegener’s art continues to do a wonderful job depicting these crazy stories. Atomic Robo is the most out and out fun I’ve had with a comic book in years.

Heroes TV

Since my discovery of Atomic Robo, it has not failed to entertain. For any science fiction fan out there, Atomic Robo is your golden ticket. This book has enough humor, intelligence and action for a fanboy to love and enough family-friendliness to recommend to any middle schooler. Robo and his team go up against his past in the form of giant cyborgs bent of his destruction… COOL! Given that this is issue five of six, you might be hesitant to jump in. Do yourself a favor and do not wait, you’ll kick yourself… that’s a Pullbox guarantee.

Warren Peace

All right, more robotic mayhem! Imaginary science? Practical jokes from scientific geniuses? Rampaging pyramids? Yes, please!

Geeks of Doom

The art continues to be five star as one now has come to expect and truth be told, one of the most engaging in everything I’m reading right now, no small part due to the colors that keep your eyes glued to the character design and make your feelings for these fantasy people a bit weird and if your my kind of person, a great topic of discussion for Friday’s appointment with your psychiatrist. A job well done, personally, I can’t wait for issue 6 and the second series… and whatever else gets done with Robo, just keep it coming.

IGN Comics

If you’re looking for a change of pace, or if you just like good comics, I can’t recommend Atomic Robo enough. Red 5 Comics continue to bang out incredibly solid material, so it’s worth noting that this has become the upstart company’s flagship title. I really do enjoy it month after month, and I’m willing to be that you will too.


Go buy this comic. Go buy every issue of this book you can find; it’s that good. Give it to friends that scoff at your comic-buying ways. Tell them you can show them a story that has Nikolai Tesla’s self-aware electric man fighting robotic mummies in the desert. Tell them this same Atomic Robo hits Nazis. And then tell them that this same character is beating hell out of brains-in-robot-bodies and watch them scoff!

Comics And…

Comic books have a new definition and it is Atomic Robo. The actual individual issue this month was very good, fun story, great dialogue, clean art, outrageous adventure, but I’m talking about the entire series. This book makes me smile when I pick it up and when I read it. Fast paced, Indiana Jones type adventures, a Robot with more emotional context then most humans and just flat out enjoyment.

Afterburn #1

Comic Additction

The story/premise has definitely caught my attention. Being a physical scientist/cartographer by education I have always had a weak spot for end world scenarios in my science fiction/fantasy entertainment. Chitwood and Ens in just a single issue have introduced me to a world that I would be interested in following and will do so through out the five issues of this series, hoping for an extended run as well.

You can also check out some reviews of Afterburn #1 on podcasts at Blip.TV and Comics Podcasts!

Rack Raids

Rather than exploring its decimated world with any scientific or objective perspective, or really any humanist angle, writers Scott Chitwood and Paul Ens in their story accept the situation for what it is and introduce you to the callous people who exploit it for profit (and name drops, hilariously, the people they do it for).


Overall, Afterburn came off with a solid start, it’s got the potential to really turn out a good story. If you’re a fan of apocalyptic stories then you should definitely try this one out. It’s definitely worth the pick up. Red 5 seems to have another hit on their hands.

Neozoic #3

Heroes TV

With Atomic Robo, Red 5 blew me out of the water with their take on the retro-pulp-sci-fi genre , they gave a new look and a fresh feel to a classic adventure ride. Paul Ens is doing it again with Neozoic. Any geek worth his or her salt has read at least one fantasy novel of a culture of warriors living in a savage land fighting off the local hostile flora and fauna. Ens has taken this known setting that has classically been done well in the past (Conan, Ka-Zar, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, etc.) and has re-imagined it and is now adding Neozoic to that “classic” list.

Michael May

Thank God for Red 5. Seriously. Atomic Robo and Neozoic are drugs for an illness I didn’t even know I had: Lackofawesometosis.

Comics And…

Okay, I think anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows how much I love this series. We’re only three issues into this series and already I’ve been sucked into not only the plot, but the characters’ lives. This issue is fast paced and has soooo many things going on at once, but, for the most part, Paul Ens makes it work.

Abyss #3

Comics And…

Well, I’m sold. The first two issues of this series weren’t my favorite by a long shot, but I saw that there was potential and this issue brought it home. The story picks up and Eric makes a comeback after being sidelined. There’s humor alongside a more ’serious’ plot, but it no longer seems forced. I’m glad I stuck with this book as if things keep going as they are this will be a fun trade.

Geeks of Doom

So, if you’re looking for a book to fill that hole in your life left by the end of Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire give this one a try. Light humor, some decent action and great art make for a package that’s hard to pass up.

Midknight #2

Lost Toast

Have I mentioned how every Red 5 Comic has been great lately? I have? Maybe there’s something to that…

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  1. PakoPako Says:

    AR #5 was a slight let-down compared to #4 (the jokes in that were hi-larious), which I consider one of the peaks of comic-book story-telling. This is the kind of stuff Ben Edlund would be proud of.
    Though #5 did have an early G.I.Joe reference (Heh, Chuckles) and did a good job at setting up the next issue.

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