Interview with Abyss Creator Kevin Rubio

Comics Bulletin interviewed Abyss writer Kevin Rubio about the superhero comedy. Here’s a small sample:

CM: We’re treated to an appearance by one of Quiver’s previous sidekicks in issue #3, what can you tell us about Schaafte? Is there such a thing as a cliché gone too far? (laughter)

KR: Schaafte is Arrow’s second sidekick. If he had a parallel it would be Dick Grayson. His folks were killed in a tragic “line dance” accident on Soul Train. The Arrow felt semi-responsible since it was hit cover of Sam Cook’s “Cupid” that Schaafte’s parents were dancing to, when the accident happened. He took Schaafte in and trained him in the ways of the bow & arrow and the ladies, and he was not only his best sidekick to date, but also an effective “wing man”. Their partnership ended over a girl. (But that’s another story).

Arrow has had to date a total of eight sidekicks through out his career. They are:

1. Beau: – Died when he miss-fired a boomerang arrow.
2. Schaafte: Left over a girl
3. Little John: Midget Sidekick – Death by elephant during the legendary “Wringling Bros.” caper.
4. Bill Gates: More of an IT guy than a sidekick. He still helps out when he gets bored.
5. Lego Lass: First female sidekick, accidentally killed by the first Abyss when she was out shopping.
6. Target (French Pronunciation): Victim of 9/11 anti-French sentiment. He was deported.
7. Quiver: Present sidekick. She won the position on the hit TV reality show: “Who Wants To Be a Sidekick?”
8. Nicolas Cage: Covering for Quiver while she’s away at Stanford University

Visit the link above for more!

You can also see Kevin Rubio on the COPS 20th Anniversary Edition DVD! Kevin isn’t seen being drunk and thrown in the back of a police car for evading arrest. He’s on the DVD to discuss his Star wars / COPS parody TROOPS! Check it out here!

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