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The Breathing Corpse

I think I’ve decided I like this title even tho I’ve only read a couple of issues.


So I read the preview issues of Atomic Robo #5 & 6 here on my lunch break. I’m really happy to say that this series wraps up as strong as it started. This book read great as single issues, and the underly story arc that the book has carried for 6 issue was rewarding to those who continued to read it. This is the sort of thing I’d like more comics to feature.


Heroes TV

In not too long of a period, the talent at Red 5 has quickly let comic fans know of their innovative new series and their new look at standard genres. In that same time period, they have given notice to the rest of the Comic Industry that they will be a force to be reckoned with for some time to come. Atomic Robo is one of the best books of 2007 and look for it to explode in 2008!

Comic Book Noise

I have never taken part of the FCBD festivities because I have always thought that it was a device to get new readers into shops and not to give away free shit to freeloading comic book readers, but I kept being told that I am wrong about that. However, this book looks interesting enough to get me to at least consider making a trip to Detroit Comics.


IGN Comics

Judging by the price the first issue of Atomic Robo is demanding on the Internet auction sites, I’d say Clevinger and Wegener might just have a hit on their hands- and deservedly so. The book definitely isn’t for everybody, but to me, Robo continues to be a perfect lighthearted change of pace- the type of book best enjoyed between the reading of a mind-bending Warren Ellis yarn and a Brian Wood like exposé on modern society- as it reminds even the wannabe hipster inside of me, that while challenging reads often do provide a multitude of entertainment value, sometimes it’s okay for a story to be nothing more than unadulterated fun.

Geeks of Doom

So I’m on board for this series. I figured it would be pretty good when I started hearing about it, but it turned out to be quite a bit different. I was expecting more of a straight comedy, but this is action in the vein of Indiana Jones. Fun, action-packed, humorous at times, but also serious at times. If you’ve missed out on this series, do yourself a favor and pick up the trade when it comes out. This is one to give to friends and loved ones, and I have to give it my highest recommendation. It’s comics that don’t rely on cheap death and “grittiness” to tell the story, and we always need more of that. Free Comic Book Day can’t come soon enough, because I want me another Robo fix. Join the wise folks who love this book.

Heroes TV

This series is the perfect blend of wit and action wrapped up in a pulp sci-fi package worth the read to any fan. And that includes the ominous possible return of the main antagonist (Flash never could put Ming down for good either!). The art is fantastic, the writing is flawlessly funny and within issues the overall book flows like a classic. Issue #6 leaves the Robo fan wanting more! Unless it’s outrageously high priced, the Vol 1 trade will probably be you best purchase of 2008.

Comic List

There’s good news and bad news abound for this issue. Good news? It’s Atomic Robo and it rocked. Bad news? It’s the last issue. Good news? There’s an announcement of a volume two. Bad news? It’s not coming until later this year. No one should have to wait so long for something so good. This issue wraps up one of the most entertaining new titles / characters in a long time.

Comics And…

Webster’s Dictionary Comic Book – See Atomic Robo. No really it is that much fun, actually illegal in Utah and some parts of South Dakota. Bad news the mini-series is ending, good news Atomic Robo is coming back later this year.

Dave Van Domelen

While it’s as chock full of snarky robot goodness as any other issue, my favorite thing is on the back cover…where volume two is announced. :) The main fight is a classic case of what happens when you have the same arch enemy for 70 years…move and counter move, expectations both met and shattered. The backup is shorter than most, and gives the first meeting of Robo and one of his crew. Strongly recommended.


You know, I don’t generally single out individual lines or panels as being the best of the week type of thing with my reviews–the closest I get is the weekly kick, and those are more for my enjoyment than anyone else’s–but brother, if I did, then this issue of Atomic Robo would win hands down for this exchange between Helsingard and Robo:

“Are we not men of SCIENCE?”

“I’m a robot and you’re a brain in a jar. Is this a trick question?”

In my book, that’s as clsoe as you’re going to get to a perfect bit of pulp-action comedy, and more than anything else, it captures the spirit of what Clevenger and Wegener are doing with this one.

Comic List – Check out this video review of Atomic Robo!

Warren Peace

The final issue of this first miniseries, although a second (ongoing?) series is supposed to continue in the fall. I’m still really enjoying it.


Comics And.. – Check out this review with Neozoic colorist Jessie Lam!

IGN Comics

If I were to ever create my own version of a clichéd “best books you aren’t reading” list, Neozoic would fit itself darn near the top of the register. The story is engaging, the artwork is beautifully unique and it consistently leaves me clamoring for the next issue- none more than Neozoic #3, which features a full-scale invasion on Monanti city from the Talpid’s ostensibly loyal dinosaurs, and easily stands as the best issue to date of an already outstanding series.

Valhalla Comics

Star Wars writer Paul Ens crafts a very intreguing look at what life could have been like for us had we came into existance with velociraptors and triceritops running around aswell. Artist Korim’s american and japanese animation influenced style makes the bloody battles feel as if they should be on the big screen with the voices of big stars speaking the lines Ens lay out.

To the lovers of those long dead giant lizards, and dreamers of what they were like, Neozoic is a great addition to the mythos we have given them. If you are one of those people who dig big reptiles, pick up this book.


Comics And…

Each issue of this mini-series gets better and better. We have a great plot with a decent level of complexity, we have some action, some drama all played with a sense of humor. What I enjoy about the humor is that is situational (funny within the context of the story) without making fun of the characters themselves. You walk a fine line when you go for humor in a comic in that you make it so funny that it becomes a comedy and loses any dramatic tension you are trying to build. Abyss keeps you interested in the story and keeps you laughing as you read it.

Newsarama – Check out this video review of Abyss! They don’t konw if we’re good or evil. hee hee.

Rack Raids

While this book doesn’t shy away from action or giant robots or super-villainy, it’s the repartee between characters that takes center stage. Artist Lucas Marangon deals with the copious banter quite well, the personality he infuses in his character’s body language is tremendous. He has a style reminiscent of Todd Nauck or Humberto Ramos, a loose, bubbly line with manga influences that captures the lightheartedness of this book perfectly, with playful panel arrangements and some great sight gags. Avoiding obvious superhero jokes or parodies and forging his own amusing trail, writer Kevin Rubio has firmly found his groove with the characters and the humor with this third issue.


Heroes TV

No two ways about it, Afterburn is a fun read. Straight out action at it’s finest. Soldiers of fortune in a burnt out world fighting mutants, mobsters and ninjas! Come on, what’s not to like? The characters are over-dramatic action heroes, the plot is at a constant sprint pace and the art is competent.

Honestly, if you are looking for the scientific realistic take on the end of the world, well then this might not be your best case scenario. But if you are looking for an enjoyable property, that could easily be turned into a TV series, role playing game or a movie starring Will Smith, Afterburn is for you!

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