Interview with Neozoic’s Paul Ens

Internet comic shop Heavy Ink interviewed Neozoic creator Paul Ens about the secret origin of Red 5 Comics, the creation of Neozoic, and more. Here’s a sample:

HI: Moving on to Neozoic…what’s the quick and dirty premise of the series?

PE: What if the extinction event that wiped out dinosaurs didn’t happen, and that the entire history of the human race has taken place in a world of giant predators? In Neozoic, we start with the city of Monanti which has thrived by building a giant wall to protect its citizens. But beyond that, they’ve also created the Predator Defense League — these are the best of the best who have developed the skills to be amazing and efficient dinosaur killers. They’re the pro-athletes or rock stars…the ones everyone wants to be.

HI: I’ve read in another interview that part of your inspiration was an abiding love for “swords and dinosaurs.” What were some other chief inspirations for the series?

PE: While the character of Lilli was a focus up-front, my vision for the series is actually an epic ensemble drama with a big scope and lot of characters who all have roles to play here and there. So the Lord of the Rings novels, the Star Wars trilogy, the “V” TV mini-series and the Old Testament of the Bible are among my inspirational materials.

The various cultures we’re going to come across are deliberate mashes of human cultures too. The Monanti are a Japanese, Jewish and old-west America mix. The others, well…I’ll save that for another time.

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