Afterburn’s Wayne Nichols Interviewed

Afterburn penciler Wayne Nichols has been interviewed by Goldcoast.Com.Au about his career in the comics world. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Even though Wayne admits he has a dream job, that doesn’t mean it is an easy one. In fact, it is anything but. He works long hours, often six days a week, from his studio at his home on Brisbane ’s southside and says it is very demanding.

Being a comic book artist ‘requires patience, creativeness, imagination and a desire to tell stories’ he says, adding the best way to describe his job is by drawing parallels with a movie screenplay.

"A comic book artist is the director, the choreographer and the costume designer all rolled into one," says Wayne.

Once he has been given the script he needs to do research and lots of it.

"It might involve going to the library, surfing the net or watching movies," says Wayne.

When he was commissioned to pencil the post-apocalyptic action-adventure series: Afterburn, by Red 5 Comics, a newly established indie comic book publisher making a combination of creator-owned and internally developed titles, the research was extremely intense.

"The book involved a lot of mutants which had been affected by a solar flame that had hit earth, so I needed to make the characters look gruesome, but still appear as if they were alive," says Wayne.

"For my research I watched movies which had graphic images involving Hiroshima victims, as well as people with cancer and radiation burns, so that I could work their ‘disfigured’ images into the design concept."

Even though viewing footage such as this can be ‘gutwrenching’, Wayne says he revels in any opportunity to draw the dark side.

"I like drawing blood and guts, but I am not saying this in a macabre sense," he says. "I like it for the reason it is such an extreme form, which makes it a challenge to undertake."

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