Reviews for Atomic Robo, Neozoic, & Abyss

Atomic Robo may be on hiatus and Abyss is about to wrap up its first story arc, but the positive reviews keep coming in. Check them out!

Atomic Robo #6

G4 – Fresh Ink – Blair Butler reviews Robo #6 in this video. Check it out!


Each issue was great fun and each left me wanting more. Not because of some dramatic, emotional cliff-hanger (although, like I said, I enjoy those too occasionally), but because I couldn’t wait to see where the adventure was going to go next month. What meta-story there was to the series as a whole was at most secondary to just splattering the pages with awesome ideas. This is what adventure comics are supposed to be.

Comics And…

This book is just such pure unbridled joy that I smile whenever I pick it up. Atomic Robo is trapped with a roomful of Cyborgs and with his arch-enemy who is now just a brain in a robotic body. The fight ensures and what a great fight it is, with Robo getting the snot kicked out of him as he delivers sarcastic one-liners back to the villain. As Robo is about to be destroyed he is saved by one of his “action scientists” co-horts and then he mops the floor with the bad guy who is seemly destroyed forever. Cut to a secret lair where we see the bad guy had contingency plans to ensure his survival forever. Great dialogue, great art and great fun. This book proves you can still do a lot of what have become comic book clichés, but when done right it is brilliant. Bravo to Red 5 for a great series and thankfully Volume Two is coming out later this year.

Major Spoilers

Previous reviews have compared Atomic Robo to Hellboy, but after reading six issues, I have to say there really is no comparison. Atomic Robo approaches stories from the scientific stand point rather than the supernatural historical myth angle that is used in Hellboy. Since I am vastly more familiar with the many science and pseudoscience topics that are brought up in Atomic Robo, naturally I tend to like this series a lot more, which is why I’m giving Atomic Robo #6, 5 out of 5 Stars. Red 5 Comics has a very special title on its hands, which is why I’m so excited this isn’t the end of Atomic Robo – LONG LIVE ATOMIC ROBO!

Major Spoilers also mentioned Robo in their video podcast. Check it out!

The Media Zombie

I just finished Atomic Robo #6 and wow, what a finish! This has to be one of my favorite comic series of all time. Great art, Brilliant writing, and smart humor secure Atomic Robo a permanent place on my comic list from now on. I can’t wait until the new issues are released latter this year.

Weekly Crisis

I love this style of humour, so this book is a joy for me to read and I was afraid this action packed issue would skimp on the humour, but I should know not to doubt this book by now.

Factual Opinion

It straddles the line between adorable enough to be totally wonderful and so adorable you might need to take some insulin. Your call. We thought it was pretty satisfying.

Rise of Nikoli

I will say that “Atomic Robo” #6 hit last Wednesday, and if you haven’t been buying this book, you are in need of serious help.

Michael May

Why Atomic Robo is the Awesome: Reason # 539: The creators defend themselves against criticism that perhaps their comic is to too formulaic and/or fast-paced: “Sorry, hypothetical reviewer, you can find your decompressed comics filled with turgid dialog elsewhere. We’re too busy making a robot punch other robots to bother with that junk.”

Comic by Comic

Best new comic that I’ve read in quite some time; fun and engaging with a touch of pathos, you should pick up the inevitable trade if this passed you by.

Comics And…

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, this book is the definition of comic books. Seriously, when you look it up in a dictionary a picture of Atomic Robo should be there. This book has it all great clean art, great stories that are both fun and have heart.

A Splash Page

This comic literally came out of nowhere to probably be one of the best written and most entertaining new series to come out this past year. As the title suggests it follows a robot named Atomic Robo who was created by Nikola Tesla, and his team of Action Scientists as they travel the world destroying and blowing things up in as scientific a manner as possible.

Neozoic #4

IGN Comics

In an effort to avoid even the smallest degree of confusion, I’m going to put this as simply as I possibly can. I love Neozoic. As far as all-ages fantasy comics go, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single book better than this one. It’s well written, beautifully drawn and colored, and is a perfect example of how to present an adventure story to both young and mature audiences. I realize that the whole man vs. dinosaur motif might turn some of you off, and I can definitely understand such skepticism, however, once you get past its relatively customary premise, you’ll likely discover a deep, richly developed universe that will not disappoint….I was as skeptical as anybody when I picked up the first issue of Neozoic last year, but it only took one issue to get me hooked. Atomic Robo gets a lot of attention, and rightfully so, but this series is quickly becoming my favorite Red 5 publication.

Heroes TV

I don’t say this too often, in this particular way… but what a frickin’ awesome book! For those of you not familiar to this book, think of Mark Schultz’s classic Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and have it be more Conan and Tarzan and less Mad Max. The plot is high-energy and keeps it pumping from cover to cover. And in all honesty the art is so beautifully done that even if the plot sucked, you would still want to get this book. But given that this is one of the best fantasy comics I have read in a very long time, it makes it a must-have!

Comics And…

I just out and out enjoy this book. Neozoic throws the reader into a new world without much preparation but the story is both surprising and addictive. This pulls the reader in and helps to shrug of (and even to enjoy) the culture shock. One is especially captivated by Lilli and the little girl she is trying to save. I can’t wait for the next issue – and I encourage everyone to give this book a try!

Comics And…

Hot chicks, dinosaurs and mass destruction with very good writing and art that just gets better each and every issue.

Abyss #4

Comics Bulletin

Kevin Rubio’s Abyss does make for a good time pass read.

Comics And…

Overall I’d like to see this book as a trade. It ended up being a fun story when it was all put together and everything fell in place. I hope to see further stories about these characters.

Geeks of Doom

If you’re looking for a fun bit of entry-level superheroics, I would definitely recommend giving this series a try.

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