Aug 2008 Red 5 Titles

Here’s a look at the Red 5 Comics appearing in the current June issue of Diamond Previews, with titles shipping in August 2008.

Two time Eisner nominee Atomic Robo is back with the first issue in the second volume, “Dogs of War”. You’ll want to catch the action from the start. And the sci-fi fantasy dinosaur saga of Neozoic get even nastier with issue #6…

Not every store is carrying Red 5, so your best best is to pre-order our comics in order to get a copy. For your convenience, find your local comic shop (see our new Red 5-friendly list), or order online.

     Atomic Robo Vol 2 #1 (JUN084181)
ATOMIC ROBO is back! And this time, it’s war — THE DOGS OF WAR! June, 1943: Nazi super mechs threaten to halt the Allied Invasion of Sicily before it even begins and only ATOMIC ROBO can stop them. But does he stand a chance against Hitler’s personal commando, Otto Skorzeny? And what connection does HELSINGARD have to these new weapons?

32 pages, $2.95, 2008-08-13

     Neozoic #6 (JUN084182)
Lilli and Pax escape the dinosaur hoard into an ancient village at the tops of the trees where they find a clue to unlocking the mystery of the little girl and the reptile attacks. Meanwhile, the scattered Predator Defense League looks to find allies in their fight against the Talpid occupation.

32 pages, $2.95, 2008-09-03

Thank you in advance for your interest and support of Red 5 Comics!

4 Responses to “Aug 2008 Red 5 Titles”

  1. Ryan Burton Says:

    I’ll be picking up both, gentleman.

    –Ryan Burton

  2. Scott Wegener » Blog Archive » It’s More Than a Cookie. It’s a Cake. Says:

    [...] Issue #1 of Atomic Robo and The Dogs of War will be in the June issues of Previews. For those of you who have had trouble in the past finding issues of Robo Vol.1, we HIGHLY recommend that you Pre-order Atomic Robo Vol.2 #1. [...]

  3. Tyler Kes Says:

    I managed to grab 5 out of the 6 issues for Atomic Robo, and got the one i was missing (Issue 2) as a second printing. still looking for the first printing, but at least i have the issue!

  4. Paul L Says:

    is there anywhere i can buy these comics online

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