Wegener Talks Dogs of War

Comics Bulletin spoke with ATOMIC ROBO artist and co-creator about up-coming projects, including ATOMIC ROBO Volume 2 coming this August. (To make sure you get yours, pre-order your copy now with Diamond code JUN084181.)

Yeah, this one’s kind of an homage to the old DC war comics, War Tales, Two Fisted Tales, all that jazz. It’s World War II, Nazis and all the weird Atomic Robo stuff thrown in. It’s going to be five issues; the first two deal with the invasion of Sicily in 1943 and we go from there.

The way we play it, Robo is present at a lot of big historic moments, but he’s not Forrest Gump, he’s not responsible for them. Both Brian and I are big history buffs, we both have grandfathers who served, so we take it seriously and there’s real drama, but we also have this robot there doing his fun thing in the “background” of the war. So it jumps back and forth between this group of GIs who are storming the beach and getting the snot blown out of them and being terrified, and Robo who’s there to take out this new Nazi war machine which is based on the giant cyborg body from issue #6 of the first mini-series. The Nazis have co-opted some of the technology and are putting it to work and Robo’s there to stop them.

We’re introducing a new character later on in the book, kind of a pulp character from that era – a sort of British superspy, our nod to that era of hero. Those are the comic characters that Brian and I like more than super-heroes, I guess. So, we’ve got Nazi mecha, Nazi supermen, literally, although it doesn’t quite work out the way they planned. They have one working super-person.

It’s that toward the end of World War II, the Nazis desperately researched and developed, to one degree or another, all these absurd technologies to try to turn the tide of the war. And Hitler had all these crazy plans for having an on-going guerilla war once the Allies had occupied Germany. It was called Operation Werwolf. Well, we can’t pass up on that.

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