Sep 2008 Red 5 Titles

Here’s a look at the Red 5 Comics appearing in the current July issue of Diamond Previews, with titles shipping in September 2008.

The collected trade paperback of the first volume of Kevin Rubio’s comedy smash, ABYSS, debuts in September. (Hmm… that says first volume, doesn’t it?) The second round of ATOMIC ROBO adventures continues with Dogs of War #2, and the latest weapons in the war on terror stagger forward in ZMD: ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION #2.

Not every store is carrying Red 5, so your best best is to pre-order our comics in order to get a copy. For your convenience, find your local comic shop (see our new Red 5-friendly list), or order online.

     Atomic Robo Vol 2 #2 (JUL084201)
The Eisner-nominated adventures continue… June, 1943: control of the Mediterranean hangs in the balance as the Allied Invasion of Sicily crashes against elite Nazi soldiers in \\\\\\\”walking tank\\\\\\\” armor that only ATOMIC ROBO can stop! Too bad he’s battered, beaten, shot, hit with grenades, captured, and miles away. What does this mean for the Allies who are trapped between the sea and these unstoppable Nazi super weapons?

32 pages, $2.95, 2008-09-10

     ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction #2 (JUL084202)
When a U.S. military zombie operative goes missing in Lebanon, Colonel Matthew Drake is summoned to the Pentagon where he is exposed to the true horrors of the necronites program. Drake’s past and future are called into question, with answers to be found only with an undead soldier wandering the desert. From the creator the of UNDERWORLD movie franchise.

32 pages, $3.25, 2008-10-01

     Abyss TPB Volume 1 (JUL084200)
What if you found out your father was ABYSS, the world’s worst super-villain? Eric Hoffman inherited more than a billionaire fortune… he also got a killer robot, a plot to destroy San Francisco and an infamous legacy to live down. Join the dysfunctional comedy adventure from the warped mind of Kevin Rubio, creator of parody film web phenomenon \”TROOPS\” and the creative team behind comedy smash \”Star Wars: Tag and Bink\”.

32 pages, $9.95, 2008-09-17

Thank you in advance for your interest and support of Red 5 Comics!

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  1. ROb Says:

    I don’t see anymore releases for MidKnight. Did you stop releasing them? I hope not I would like to see more issues. I love it. Abyss and Atomic robo Are great but please keep continuing MidKnight

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