Wizard interviews Robo’s Wegener and Clevenger

Wizard has interviewed Atomic Robo creators Scott Wegener and Brian Clevenger. Here’s a sample:

Is there a favorite scene of yours that you can tease for the next volume?

WEGENER: The first two issues deal with Laufpanzers � walking tanks. Picture those little two-legged walker things from “Star Wars,” but built with 1940’s technology and about 12-15 feet tall. So basically the poor pilot just crams himself into this box and he’s got these chicken legs and a couple of gangly arms. There are several of them running amok on the beaches of Sicily to foil the Allied invasion of Sicily, and of course Robo’s there to un-foil it! He puts them out of action to make sure that the invasion works. There’s a couple of really great scenes on the beach where he teams up with the GIs to figure out how to take out these walkers, and there’s this great old battle royale on the beach with bazookas and hand grenades- it’s complete mayhem.

CLEVINGER: Issues three and four are my favorites for the next volume. In those issues we team Robo up with a British secret agent, named The Sparrow. They have their own missions, which just happen to converge in this one area, and neither one is aware of the other until their missions intersect and they screw each other over. So there’s this conflict of personality throughout those two issues. My favorite scene that I’ve seen drawn so far is the moment where they first intersect, and they’re just yelling at each other and telling each other what to do, both bungling it.

This British agent is a new character for the series.

WEGENER: Yeah, we’d been working on this pulp character that would fit the period very well, and I said, “Well, what if we made this guy a gal instead?” She’s got the goggles and the bomber jacket and a couple of .45’s, and she’s cracking skulls and kicking butt and wisecracking the whole time. Loads of fun.

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