Early Reactions to Zombies of Mass Destruction

With ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction #1 hitting shelves a week early, a few bloggers have got out some of the first reviews of the latest story from Kevin Grevioux, creator of the Underworld film franchise.

h a t r e d. n e t
This has to be one of the greatest comic book ideas ever. Zombies used to destroy terrorists. Why the hell wasn’t this thought of earlier? Why use troops when you can use zombies to instill fear and chaos? Win the battle with some cadavers? Perfect if you ask me!

Heroine Addict
There’s no shortage of zombie comics, but this one has a neat twist on the idea, grown out of the seeds of Romero’s ‘Day of the Dead’ and watered by the current political and military goings-on in the Middle East… If zombies, morality of warfare, and/or covert ops are your thing, this is worth a look.

Whitechapel Forums
Ok. I love Red 5. and ZMD has not disappointed me. It’s giving a promising start.

2 Responses to “Early Reactions to Zombies of Mass Destruction

  1. Ken Says:

    I just read issue one and its got me hooked!!!
    Cool concept, cool story!
    I cant wait for issue 2!!

  2. nate Says:

    Thanks for the link. It was definitely an interesting comic book and looking forward to the rest.

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